Interesting sort-of CCW related story

In Philadelphia, reported on few days ago.

What they didn’t know was that they’d been rear-ended by the son of a police officer who was on duty, and dad was about to get involved.

Lawless was standing at the counter of the store, at Comly Road and Roosevelt Boulevard, smiling and chatting with the clerk, when she was grabbed from behind and violently pushed back with a police officer’s gun in her face.

“He hit me with his left hand, and he had his gun in his right hand,” Lawless said. “He pushed his gun into the left side of my neck. It caused a scrape-type bruise on my neck.”

After a chaotic struggle, Lawless was arrested and charged with assaulting the officer.

That in itself is a good “Only Ones” story…especially in light of the fact that

The District Attorney’s Office reviewed the case and declined to prosecute Officer Lopez in December. Eight days later, he was reissued his weapon and returned to full duty.

Pointing your service weapon at someone for no reason other than you’re pissed because YOUR SON rear-ended THEM is not grounds for immediate dismissal in Philly? If that’s not enough what is???

But that’s not what prompted me to blog about it though. Deep down in the piece is this part:

Ironically, Lopez Jr. had a .22-caliber Magnum revolver in his waistband during the accident and throughout the confrontation in the Lukoil, according to his statement to Internal Affairs. He had a permit to carry the weapon, he said in the statement.

The driver of the Mazda, Stephen Soda, also had a handgun in his glove compartment along with his carry permit, according to police. Police reviewed the permit and released Soda without charges. Neither weapon was drawn in the incident.

So…basically…we have two armed CHP holders involved in a minor traffic accident that may or may not have become heated at the scene (the cop’s son claimed that Lawless and the three others had gotten out of their car after the accident, yelled and kicked his car…of course, he also claimed at one point that it was they who had hit him in the crash, so how much credibility can you give what he said?)…neither of them pulled their weapons, no shots were fired and the incident was prettty much concluded peacefully.

The situation didn’t go pear shaped until the Cop Father of one of the people involved went to track down the others involved…took the son with him and assaulted the other parties while brandishing his firearm.

But, hey…cops are the only ones trustworthy enough to carrry guns, right?


6 thoughts on “Interesting sort-of CCW related story

  1. Yep! Definitely an Only One & His Only One Son incident.
    So, let me see if I have this straight. . .
    Son causes a minor fender-bender. Son then runs to Cop Daddy & lies. Cop Daddy then gets hot-headed, doesn't bother to ask questions or ascertain facts, rushes out & abuses Innocent Other Drivers. Entire PD then attempts to dispose of evidence. Cop Daddy gets off with slap on wrist (if that). IA (Internal Affairs) declines to press physical abuse charges against Cop Daddy because there are no marks on victim.

    Sounds as if Lawless has excellent grounds to press charges against both the PD & Cop Daddy. Good luck.

    B Woodman

  2. The officer involved should take his self out for a beer on Thursday in honor of the presidential "lets all have a beer and forget the nasty incident" day.

  3. Steriod testing for cops! If it's important enough to test people that play a game, it's 1000 times more important to test cops.

  4. I am sure that all victims will have to go to the government health care clinic and have their bruises and ego repaired in the future Obama Care nation. But I do know that if one is roughed up: get the names of witnesses and statements, call 911 for the Sheriff, get pictures, get medical care and send the bill to the perp or his employer. And since two vehicles were involved, someone's insurance company must be taking care of it?

  5. And what about charges of tampering with a witness (the store clerk being told to back the cop and erase the tape evidence)?

    This cop needs his badge and sidearm permanently removed (fired).

    She should have good solid grounds for a hefty lawsuit.

  6. I doubt dad did anything because his son rear-ended them. I'm sure junior told him a very different story and he took off to dispense Great Justice without stopping to wonder whether his kid was telling the truth.

    Sad to say, but I check if my kids tell me the sky is blue.

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