July E-Postal Match…Golf

As my regular reader already knows, I’m in Maine for my Wife’s Grandfather’s (grandfather-in-law?) funeral.

I recently got back from a business trip to California, so I haven’t had a lot of time to think up something original for this month’s “Mr. Completely’s e-postal match”.

As such, I’m going to recycle one from a couple of years ago that I really enjoyed.

It was designed by Free Spirit Mind so I hope he doesn’t mind me stealing his intellectual property.

It’s called “Golf” and it’s a pretty simple concept.

Right click the image and select “save as” to download a pdf version of the target suitable for printing.

[Update] This match is concluded so the download file has been removed.[/Update]

The object is to hit the five* red “holes” in the least number of shots.

Obviously, the lowest possible score is 5.* The highest is unlimited.

There are two types of “hazards” that result in “penalty shots”. The black outlined areas marked “sand” count as the shot plus one penalty for a total of two.

The blue “water” hazards count as the shot plus two penalties for a total count of three.

Any shot touching the border of either a hole, or a hazard area is counted as a hit in that area.

Any shot touching the border of more than one “scoring” area at a time will be counted in the manner most advantageous to the shooter. In other words, if your shot is touching the black ring border surrounding one of the holes, but is also within the border of a sand hazard, the shot counts as “in the hole”. If the shot is touching both a sand hazard and a water hazard, it counts as a sand hazard shot only.

Handgun Classes are:

1: Production rimfire: Open sights, no long barrels, compensators or other add-ons.

2: Open rimfire: Rimfire, anything goes.

3: Production centerfire: open sights, no long barrels, compensators etc.

4: Open centerfire: anything goes.

5: Air powered handguns.

I can add other categories (such as black powder, rifle classes, etc) if I get any entries for them.

Tiebreakers will be determined at my discretion as needed.

The target is to be shot at 7 yards (21 feet) or as close to that as you can get at your range (Rifle entries should be shot at 25 yards).

There is no time limit so, “aim small, miss small”.

You can enter as many different guns as you want, and different shooters can use the same gun; and you can shoot the target as many times as you like to get your best score, but please only submit one entry per shooter/gun combination.

I prefer that you send scans/digital photos of your entry targets, but if you don’t have the facilities for that, just send your scores. If I need more information for tie breakers, I’ll let you know.

Entries should be submitted to sailorcurt@cox.net no later than Midnight (your time), July 28.

If you have any questions or the rules need to be clarified, feel free to e-mail me, but I may not answer until after I get home from Maine on Sunday.

*Corrected…apparently I can’t count. My apologies. Thanks to Mr. Completely for catching it.


5 thoughts on “July E-Postal Match…Golf

  1. Greetings,

    Just curious about your definition of "long barrel" as my Ruger SSS has a 9-1/2" barrel & I want to be sure I'm in the right class.



  2. Basically, my definition revolves around whether it's stock or not. If it is an aftermarket barrel, it's not a "production" gun. If it came like that from the manufacturer, you're good to go.

    It's all in fun so I don't think we need to get too wrapped around the axle about it.

  3. Great to see this target coming back out of retirement! And I certainly don't mind your use of it, especially if it links to me. Definitely gonna have to shoot this match!


  4. OK, thank you. I didn't clue in on the stock / production angle. I didn't want to use something that might give me an un-fair advantage.


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