Maybe I’m way off base here…

…but it seems to me that blatantly stealing the intellectual property of a Law Professor just isn’t the brightest move one could make.

The Volokh Conspiracy
My Legal Spot

I wonder how that’s gonna work out for Jenny Francis.

(Yes…I’ve already notified Professor Volokh about this.)


4 thoughts on “Maybe I’m way off base here…

  1. Good Lord. From your post, I had assumed that she had just copied one post. But her entire blog is just a reposting of his entire blog.

    The worst one is the "Pro Bono Free Speech Case", because he said at the end of the first paragraph that he would be writing a brief about it. I guess she figured it was fine to copy that one as well, since I'm sure she plans to rip off that brief as her own work as well.

  2. Wow. It gets even better. There's a new winner for worst example of plagiarism.
    We’re Number 2! (or 3):

    Paul Caron presents his Law Prof Blog Rankings, which are the updated quarterly traffic rankings (visitors and page views) of the Top 35 blogs edited by law professors with publicly available SiteMeters for the most recent 12-month period (July 1, 2008 – June 30, 2009). The Volokh Conspiracy is #2 for page views (15,467,726) after Instapundit, and #3 for visitors (11,427,028) behind Instapundit and Hugh Hewitt. (H/T Brian Leiter)

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