Quote of the year.

Which, interestingly, comes from a footnote to a “Quote of the Day“.

What kind of person allows their servants to tell them only servants are allowed to own guns? Such servants need to be dismissed.
–Joe Huffman

Now THAT’s a healthy view of the relationship between a “Government of the people” and the people. Why doesn’t my mind work in such a succinct way? It would have taken me 300 words to express that exact same sentiment.


4 thoughts on “Quote of the year.

  1. It is the concept of servants that is a problem, see, I can do for myself and have been raised to not depend on servants. So I don't need that whole government thingee – although I have spent much time working for it at one level or another.

  2. "Quote of the year?" Wow!

    Thank you.

    My mind does work different than others. But most people over the years have just called me weird.

  3. It might also interest you to know that that succinct way of expressing the concept did not spring out of nothingness in a fraction of a second.

    There is a little bit of fluff in this but it should get the idea across.

    But here is where I first got it together.

  4. Hey, thanks my friend. I think I like the statement in the second link even better:

    “Does it ever strike you as odd that some of our servants demand that they have a monopoly on certain types of weapons?

    I keep thinking that they must have either forgotten they are servants or intend to change the relationship.” -Joe Huffman

    Consider that one added to my quotes database as well.

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