Speaking of the Modern Day Puritans

Who make up the “We’ll make you be healthy whether you like it or not” camp:

CDC Chief: Soda tax could combat obesity


Tough Love for Fat People: Tax their food to pay for health care

How about we just get taxpayers out of the business of subsidizing health care and then let people live their lives the way they choose…and face the consequences of those choices?

Naw…that’d be too much like that outdated concept called “Liberty”.


2 thoughts on “Speaking of the Modern Day Puritans

  1. Yes, and you too can "enjoy" the lifetime privilege of paying for government run healthcare…along with the waits, denied services, and substandard care that goes along with it.

    All you have to do is spend a measly 20 years with your life on the line and in the service of your country. (The whole 40% disabled part isn't required…but it's fairly standard).

    And after that, in addition to the privilege of paying for your substandard health care (and I pay for a supplemental policy as well to alleviate some of that), you get to listen to bravely anonymous people implying that because you enjoy this privilege, which entails having first-hand knowledge of the efficiency and efficacy of government run health care, you are somehow disqualified from having an opinion on the subject.

    Which makes perfect sense to me.

    Ready to enlist yet? I can tell you where to find a recruiter.

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