We must ban ALL assault weapons!!!!111one!!111

Raleigh, NC

A man broke another man’s jaw using a frying pan in a robbery that scored the man $50, according to arrest warrants.

Jerome Dannel Sanders, 25, of 1312 S. State St., was charged Saturday with one count of assault with a deadly weapon inflicting serious injury and another count of robbery with a dangerous weapon.

Don’t let those 20 previous convictions fool you. This was just an innocent, well meaning young man who was lured into this violent act by the siren song of easily accessible assault frying pans.

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2 thoughts on “We must ban ALL assault weapons!!!!111one!!111

  1. Lawyer is on to something…people don't need "plastic" handles and coatings.

    We need an Assault Frying Pan Ban that prevents 2 or more of the features from being on the same pan…plastic handles, coatings, made of aluminum or other light weight material, COPPER JACKETING, etc

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