Wild West Shootout

[IMPORTANT UPDATE] Phillip got a chance to meet with the Good Guy and get the story straight from the horse’s mouth…even got a chance to view the surveillance video of the incident. Read his report on it here. [/UPDATE]

I wonder if this is what the anti-gunners have in mind every time they scream that relaxed firearm carry laws will turn back the clock to the “Wild West”:

A gunman who had wounded a shopkeeper and opened fire on several customers was stopped yesterday when another man shot him at the store in South Richmond, authorities said.

The man who shot the robber is a friend of the store owner, and he was wearing a holster with a Western-style revolver, said Managing Deputy Commonwealth’s Attorney Tracy Thorne-Begland. [emphasis added -ed]

After the suspect shot the store owner and opened fire on patrons, the owner’s friend shot the suspect once in the torso, took his gun and called police, Thorne-Begland said.

Per Phillip, via VCDL alert, a VCDL member was at the scene and reported that the good guy used a single action revolver in .45 colt.

I wonder if he was wearing a white hat?


9 thoughts on “Wild West Shootout

  1. And once again the old thumbbuster proves its worth in a gunfight. For most situations a civilian will find himself in, 6 rounds of .45 Colt in a single-action is sufficient. I'm even considering acquiring a Ruger Vaquero Montado (3.5" barrel) in .45 to use as a concealed carry gun.

  2. I would not feel under-equipped open carrying an SAA in .45LC.

    I would if it was loaded with those mouse loads the Cowboy Action Shooters use.

  3. I'm just curious…if there was a VCDL member there, why wasn't HE armed as well?

    My immediate assumption is that the VCDL member wasn't there during the excitement, but got there in time to see what was going on.

    With that said, there are times when it's just not feasible to carry. Many people can't carry at work and don't like the idea of leaving a gun in their car all day long. I fit that category because I work on a US Military base. I can't carry to the base and parking off base and walking in is not practical (I'm lazy), so I generally don't carry during the day.

    There are many other scenarios where carrying isn't feasible and this may have just been one of them.

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