AARP Wants to hear from its members…

…as long as the members will just shut up and agree with them:

The arrogance and condescending attitude exhibited by the AARP representatives is astounding.

My favorite part (at 1:07): AARP member sitting in the crowd to AARP representative:

“Do you guys work for us or do we work for you?”

Good question.

A close second (at 2:00), the AARP rep closes the “meeting” with “I apologize to our members”…the crowd responds “We ARE members…”

The clear implication being that, as far as AARP reps are concerned, if you disagree with their official policies, you can’t POSSIBLY be a “real” member. You must just be a paid shill of the insurance lobby or those evil Rethuglicans.

And last but not least, the meeting continuing unabated as the AARP reps take the microphone, pack up and storm out of the room like children.

“Reasoned DiscourseTM” apparently isn’t limited to the internet.

Hat tip to James Young of Skeptical Observer


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