Bleg Update

Surgery is done. Doc says it went well. She’s resting in the hospital overnight but says that the pain in her right arm is gone. She still has pain from the surgery, but the pain that she was having before seems to be gone.

The doc said that part of the disk that he removed had actually broken off and was rubbing the nerve, which is what was causing her the pain.

Anyway, the prayers worked, she came through fine and is doing well.

Thanks to all.


5 thoughts on “Bleg Update

  1. Curt,

    That sounds like good news. Hope she has an uneventful and speedy recovery as well.

    Will offer another prayer for you both.


  2. Glad to hear the spousal unit is doing ok after the surgery. Back surgery isn't a science, it is more of an art and it frequently isn't pretty work. So if her arm pain is subsiding already, that's a good sign. This from a hubby of a former surgical tech that spent many days assisting in ortho work. And she is having surgery tomorrow, a repair on her septum from a over-enthusiastic cauterization of a blood vessel a year ago. She should be in and back out tomorrow.

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