I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised by this stuff any more…

…but when I see comments like the ones attached to this story, I’m just reminded of the mental gymastics that anti-gunners must go through in order to believe what they ostensibly believe.

fencewalker wrote…
Yes….a bit of sarcasm..sort of.One of the luxury’s of text is that it shows no voice tone or inflection to the statement. But, I promise you this…when this incident makes it into the courtroom ( you’ll never see any news coverage on it because its not fun and interesting by that time) you will never see any of the questions about gun safety or education brought up. Why?? Because its all about the criminals. What do they care about obeying the law..? Defending gang bangers use of AK’s and other firearms is a dirty little part of law that no one will talk about openly from the cold-dead-fingers crowd. Right to own an AK or similar assault weapon is a favorite topic until it falls into the hands of the bangers..Then, no one wants to take ownership of the issue..


In one sentence he says “Because its (sic) all about the criminals. What do they care about obeying the law..?(sic)”

Then follows up with some ridiculous rant about the “cold-dead-fingers crowd” somehow protecting criminals?

OK…fencewalker: I realize you’re not a rocket surgeon or brain scientist or anything but seriously now…you REALLY can’t see the logical disconnect here?

What possible impact would laws mandating safety training and permitting have on CRIMINALS? You know…those people whom you yourself admit don’t care about obeying the law.

Basically, what you’re saying is: “Well, they may ignore the laws about carrying concealed weapons without a permit, and the laws about not shooting guns in the city, and the laws about not trying to kill people, and the laws about not recklessly endangering innocent bystander’s lives…but they’d SURELY follow a law mandating safety training and register their guns if only those evil gun rights advocates would let such a law go into effect.”


That’s really the rationale for your position?

No wonder we’re winning.

FYI: We don’t support the right of gang bangers to use “assault weapons” of any kind (which can include knives, baseball bats, automobiles, gasoline and matches, feet and fists, or any other weapon used to assault someone) in the commission of their crimes.

But it really doesn’t take a genius to noodle out the concept that passing more laws to restrict the law abiding won’t have any effect on criminals who, as you yourself mentioned, “[don’t] care about obeying the law”.

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2 thoughts on “I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised by this stuff any more…

  1. Sigh. . . .
    One could only wonder, if brain power were lumen (light) power, how dim would be their output. . .

    B Woodman

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