The Economic Recovery

It’s sure a good thing that Obama has fixed the economy; ’cause otherwise, local stories like these would have me worried.

CooperVision Inc.will close its contact-lens plant by the end of 2010, laying off 570 employees, company officials said today.

Those jobs will be moved to CooperVision plants in England and Puerto Rico, said Chuck Rogers, the vice president of operations at the Norfolk plant.

How sad is that…when a company can move production to the place where Great Britain used to be and save money???

But I’m not worried. The economy’s all better now thanks to Obamanomics. Just ask Him…He’ll tell you.


1 thought on “The Economic Recovery

  1. Bugger all. They make my toric lenses… Granted, they are not going out of business in entirety, but, still, bugger.

    But, hey, everything is fixed, and they are just doing this because they want to, right? *sigh*

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