I’m confused

Why isn’t there more outrage about the way our government is treating an allied country in their quest to uphold their own constitution against a potential usurper?

I understand why the socialists in our government are supporting the socialist…why they are opposing the removal of that socialist, wanna-be dictator from power…what I don’t understand is why more American citizens aren’t being more vocal in demanding that our government stop supporting the tyrant and start supporting the people and legitimate government of Honduras?

This is a travesty. The Honduran people are being punished for holding to their principles and the Constitution of their country. Our government is actively bullying this tiny country into restoring an unrepentant criminal and lackey of Dictator Chavez into office.

I’m reminded of how helpless I’ve felt at times when dealing with government officials who have the power of life and death, of imprisonment or freedom over me, who simply refuse to listen or help in any way to right an injustice…how powerless and hopeless that feels.

That’s what the whole world is doing to Honduras right now. Revoking Visas, refusing to recognize the government, freezing bank accounts, recommending suspension of treaties, denying aid, etc etc etc.

Every day, with news of more sanctions and punishing mistreatment by the rest of the world, I am even more impressed with the Hondurans’ determination to stay the course and commitment to their Constitution and liberty.

The world is determined to crush the will of the Honduran people and their Constitutional, lawful, representative government…and we are just quietly watching as it happens.

I don’t get it.


4 thoughts on “I’m confused

  1. Our representatives would be a good place to start.

    I guess my point, though, was that there is seemingly no generalized outrage about this. It's like no one even cares.

    Is it just because the press has been downplaying it, and supporting our government's position against Honduras?

    Is it just apathy?

    I don't know. I don't know how to get the American people stirred up…I'm just amazed that they aren't already.

  2. I told my Darling Wife the same thing I'll tell you:

    Don't be surprised at anything that happens, after they elected a Socialist for President.

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