July E-postal Match results

Class 1: Production Rimfire
Place Name Firearm Sights Score
1 Texas Mike Browning Buckmark Iron Sights 8*!!
2* Sailorcurt S&W Model 22a Iron Sights 15
2* Billll Ruger MkI Iron Sights 16
4 True Blue Sam Ruger Single Six Iron Sights 21
5 Danno Ruger 22/45 Iron Sights 75
Class 2: Open Rimfire
Place Name Firearm Sights Score
1** Mr. Completely High Standard Race Gun C-More Dot sight 10
1** The Conservative UAW Guy Ruger MkII EOTech Dot sight 10
Class 3: Production Centerfire
Place Name Firearm Sights Score
1 Sailorcurt RIA Tactical 1911 .45acp Iron Sights 15
2 Sailorcurt Glock 19 9mm Iron Sights 22
3 Sailorcurt CZ-82 9mm Mak Iron Sights 23
4 Azreel Para 14.45 .45acp Iron Sights 32
5 True Blue Sam Ruger Blackhawk .38spl Iron Sights 35
6 Azreel FN FiveseveN Iron Sights 47
There were no entries for class 4: Open centerfire
Class 5: Rifle
Place Name Firearm Sights Score
1 BillH Ruger 10/22 3x scope 5
2 The Rabbit Priest Cricket 22 youth Rifle Iron Sights 7***
3 AndrewS**** AR-15, .22lr suppressed upper 3x Mueller scope 8***
4 DanielS**** Crossman Nitro .177cal 3-9×40 scope 9
5 Sailorcurt Homebrew AR-15 5.56 Nato Iron Sights 23

*I’m calling Second Place in class 1 a tie because Billll shot it at 25 feet rather than 7 yards. The extra four feet could have easily made the difference of one stroke. Also, Danno’s range has a minimum distance of 11 yards so his score was affected by the distance.

**In Class 2, the score was tied and they both had the same number of shots and the same number of penalties. Mr. Completely shot it at 25 feet rather than 7 yards, but he’s got that fancy dancy race gun with the 12″ barrel, so I considered that a wash. I’m calling that one a tie as well.

***The Rabbit Priest and AndrewS shot their rifles at short range…however The Rabbit Priest was using a child sized rifle with open sights whereas AndrewS used a full sized rifle, at a slightly longer distance, but with optics. DanielS shot it at 25 yards with an air rifle but had a powerful scope. I had no idea how to handicap this class based on the varying distances and equipment…each shooter would have been in an individual class had I split them all up by equipment/distance so I’m just going to let the scores stand as they fall.

BillH was the undeniable rifle champion, shooting at 25 yards, with a 3x scope and shot a perfect 5. Tiger woods couldn’t have done better.

****Representative of the Cheaper Than Dirt retail outlet. I’ve bought from them before and I can vouch for their responsiveness and customer service. Good people to do business with.

*!! I’d have to call Texas Mike the overall match champion on this one. He shot it at 7 yards with iron sights using a Buckmark with a 5.5″ barrel and shot an 8. That’s some good shooting there. Oh…and based on the jpg of the target he sent, it looked to me like one of his “misses” was touching the line and could have easily been counted as a hit.

August’s e-postal match is already up and running over at Curtis Lowe’s place. Don’t wait ’til the last minute. Shoot it early in the month and you’ve got time to try again later if you aren’t satisfied with your score.

I’ll post some more details about my performance with this month’s match tomorrow (or the next day, or whenever I get one of those elusive round tuits…but I’m hoping to have time to get it up tomorrow).


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