Musical Interlude Redux

Yesterday, David of Artful Articulations embedded this performance of Toto’s “Africa” by the Slovenian jazz choir Perpetuum Jazzile.

I really enjoyed it and forwarded it to a couple of other people…including my Brother. I used to be a musical type of guy, but got away from it after high school. My brother, on the other hand, is a professional musician and director. He’s currently the Music Minister in a church in Omaha Nebraska. He used to be the leader, songwriter and performer in an award winning Christian mens’ quartet and before that he did solo work.

Anyway, he admittedly is a bit of a music snob and countered David’s link with one that he really enjoys. Listen all the way to the end to find out why David’s link made him think of this one. I have to admit…I think it’s better too.


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