Para GI Expert

I’m not trying to dis Para with this, I’m sure they make fine firearms, and the free market is all about competition.

I just got a kick out of Kevin’s post about the Expert today.

Based on his description and the picture, it sounds like Para managed to virtually duplicate the RIA Tactical 1911…and for only $175.00 more.

The only differences: The RIA came stock with wood grips, doesn’t have dot sights…they’re plain, and came stock with an ambidextrous safety.

I’m sure the Para is made better and put together more meticulously than the RIA, I just thought the similarity in description was amusing.


1 thought on “Para GI Expert

  1. My feeling exactly, I own 3 RIAs, including a Tactical and I am impressed with them. They all function very well, have a high degree of accuracy and don't cost much. $175 buys a good amount of ammo, even these days.

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