Tomorrow – UPDATED

We just got a call from the Surgeon’s secretary…they’re behind schedule and won’t be able to fit her in today. Sigh… She’s now rescheduled for Tuesday at 11:00am.

She’s in severe pain and the delay is very frustrating so please keep her in your prayers.

Haven’t talked about this much because it’s been so fluid and up in the air, and because I’m not generally quick to share my troubles.

My wife got laid off of her job when the economy went south and had to take a part time job with one of the local storage unit rental places. She hurt her back lifting one of the big garage doors on a unit and has been struggling with debilitating pain, numbness in her right arm, etc for about 5 months now.

She’s been fighting with workman’s comp to get the damage repaired and has gotten bureaucratic runaround after bureaucratic runaround.

Well, she’s finally been approved for surgery. We just got it finalized today…too long a story to get into, but suffice it to say it took some firm intervention to get things moving.

At any rate, she’s going under the knife tomorrow afternoon. They’re going to remove a bone spur from her spine that is contacting, and continually damaging, a nerve, and remove a piece of bone from her hip and use that to fuse two vertebra together.

Because of the damage that’s been done to the nerve…much of it caused by the 5 months of bureaucratic BS we’ve been going through trying to get this approved…the doc says the best we can hope for is about an 80% improvement. Not perfect, but a significant improvement in quality of life over today. She’ll be recovering for the next 4 to 6 weeks and it’s going to be rough.

Prayers for guidance of the Doctor’s hands, a successful operation (asking for a miracle and a 100% improvement wouldn’t hurt…if that will fit into God’s plan of course) and a speedy and tolerable recovery would be much appreciated.


12 thoughts on “Tomorrow – UPDATED

  1. Good luck. Medical miracles certainly happen – my father recovered 100% of his heart function after congestion had cut it down to 20%. The cardiologists said it was amazing that he lived, let alone that he recovered fully.

  2. I'll keep my fingers crossed that the reschedule is the only hiccup that you guys have to deal with in this.

    Here's wishing for a speedy and complete recovery.

  3. Curt,

    My prayers for you both. Nerve pain is indeed debilitating, so I hope the surgery goes well, and your wife has a full recovery.


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