Training young militants

I was finally getting around to downloading some of the pictures I’ve collected on my fancy new camera when I stumbled across these horrific images of young militants being trained in the ways of inhumane and cruel behavior.

Imagine my horror, when I realized that this is my very own Son, heinously endangering his innocent young daughter as he employs her as a human shield while engaging the enemy.

And then, that same, innocent granddaughter being introduced to the vile world of animal cruelty while learning the use of blunt instruments as a tool of compliance.

The repugnance continues as another granddaughter brutally bashes the poor beast to pieces…

…remorselessly smashing at the lifeless creature.

Only to be replaced by the oldest granddaughter who, with great glee, smashes the body until it finally spills its entrails onto the ground.

All of this horrific indoctrination into the world of violent militancy disguised as an innocent birthday party.

Somebody better get the DHS on this immediately…they need to type up another “you might be a terrorist if” memo right away.


5 thoughts on “Training young militants

  1. Beautiful family! You know, if your son can come up with the federal tax, he needs fill out the paperwork to get a Super Soaker. Much better for those CQB moments.

  2. Good times.. and great looking kids!

    It's unfortunate that I now have to report you to PETP (People for the Ethical Treatment of Pinatas)….

  3. Beautiful family!

    great looking kids!

    Thanks, but don't tell my son that…I've been trying to tell him it's not appropriate to wear his golf pants and shoes in public, but he just won't listen.

    I was very happy with how those pictures came out. I had the camera set for "action shots" and was just holding down the shutter and taking pictures 5 and 6 at a time.

    I really liked how you can see the water in mid-air during the hostilities in the first shot.

  4. No wonder the kids love pinatas so much, the violent little monsters.

    Obviously the whole community is violent as they're right there in public.

    Heh. Nice family, Curtis, your blessed.

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