Trigger decision

Well, my trigger decision was just made for me.

I was waffling between the Jewell and the Bushmaster match triggers. The Bushmaster is less expensive and reportedly more robust than the Jewell, but the Jewell is more adjustable and has a very good reputation as a match trigger.

Midway USA carries both, but both were listed as out of stock, no backorder. I set up a reminder on both of them and hadn’t really made up my mind as to which one to get. Which one came in first may have ended up being the deciding factor if it was getting down to the wire.

Having settled on the less expensive barrel, I had a little more money budgeted that I could use on the better trigger, so I was beginning to lean toward the Jewell, but I figured I’d have some time to make up my mind before either were in stock at Midway.

Well, I just got notified today that the Jewell trigger is in stock.

I spoke to my wife about it, she said unequivocally that, if it fit in the budget, I should go ahead and order the better trigger. I decided I’d better go ahead…she’s still under the influence of some pretty killer pain meds and there’s no telling if she would change her mind once she comes down from them (I kid).

I really hadn’t intended to order the trigger this soon, but I was afraid if I waited, they would be out of stock again and I’d end up having to settle. I’d already settled on less barrel than I wanted, so I’m not going to settle for less trigger too.

I just finished ordering the trigger. That also meant that I had to order a safety selector, which comes with the Bushmaster trigger, but not the Jewell. And I ordered a set of headspace gauges as well.

So, another updated price list:

NM Rifle Build costs
CMMG Stripped Lower $125.99
YHM A2 Stripped Upper $69.00
Lower Parts $46.08
Upper Parts $27.97
Barrel Parts $22.16
DPMS Barrel $148.99
Bolt Carrier Group *$66.65
Magazines (2) $22.98
Tools $83.94
Jewell Trigger $203.99
Taxes/Shipping/Handling $38.36
Running Total $856.11

To recap the remaining parts I need:

From Rock River, I still need the Free Float tube and handguard ($115), the 1/4 moa NM sights ($110) and the buttstock assembly ($65). From Bushmaster, I need their sight and muzzle cover set (14.95). And weights from Ray-Vin (37.90 for the set).

The added expense of the better trigger is going to put me right at about $1200 or slightly over with shipping and sales taxes. I’m starting to get really excited about this, but I’m probably going to have to hold my water for a while before I can get the rest. Hopefully I can resist raiding my savings account to finish the project.


5 thoughts on “Trigger decision

  1. For the stock assembly, go on under the Equipment Exchange (i prefer the old one).

    There are several dealers that post on there regularly.

    Here is one listed in stock for $69, I would guess that you could have it in hand in less than a week rather than waiting weeks or months for RRA.

    In fact, I would bet that you could get every one of the parts you are looking for by the end of next week.

  2. The Buttstock isn't critical. I was going to order from Rock River simply because I already intend to order their NM sights and it's convenient to order more things from the same place.

    I was originally going to order the buttstock components from MidwayUSA but all of the A2 stocks they have listed had gotten mixed reviews. Off-color, poor fit, cheaply made, etc.

    I know Rock River rifles and know the buttstocks to be very good in fit and finish so I just decided to go with what I know rather than what I don't.

    I guess I need to check with them to see what their turnaround time on orders currently is. I just assumed that, since I'm not ordering a complete rifle, a barrel or other critical rifle components, they'd get it shipped out pretty quickly. I could be wrong.

    That may influence my purchasing decisions so I'll update if things don't go well in that area.

    BTW: The problem with getting them by the end of next week is that I'm out of cash. I'd have to dip in to savings to pay for it to order anything more before next payday and I'd rather not do that.

    Considering that the house payment is due at the beginning of the month, I may have to wait until the middle of next month before I can afford to order anything else.

    Of course, I can always replenish savings if I dip into it…assuming that I don't have any emergencies in the meantime that I need the savings for…

    Don't tempt me.

  3. Rock River does make good entry level target triggers, but they aren't the best and they aren't adjustable.

    Many people who use them like them…they're definitely a vast improvement over a stock trigger…but every competitor I've ever known that had an RRA trigger, were simply biding their time before buying something better.

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