We’re all criminals redux

Apparently, at least in New Jersey, the only law abiding people are law enforcement officers (but only when on-duty) and those licensed by the federal government. Everyone else is just a criminal:

Safeguards for the law-abiding are built into the restriction: It exempts law-enforcement agencies and federal, state, and local law-enforcement officers who purchase a handgun for use in the actual performance of their duty. It also exempts transfers of guns between licensed retail dealers and licensed firearms collectors.

In other news: Journalists are either STILL ignorant of the law after all these years, or are intentionally lying about them:

The first order of sensible gun-control business should be closing the “gun show loophole” which allows dealers in more than 30 states to sell firearms without conducting background checks on buyers.

Dealers who sell firearms without conducting background checks are also called “felons”.

Hey…wait a minute…I thought you just said that dealers were among the only “law-abiding” in the state???

And, finally, At least the New Jersey.com editorialists are consistent in insisting that states be allowed to enforce their own laws with regard to gun control:

Congress so far has not managed to end this ludicrous dodge, as it has also failed to reinstate a national ban on assault weapons.

Nope…no bias here.

And they wonder why their pet dinosaur is floundering in the tar pit.


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