Another new shooter report

A buddy of mine who should blog but doesn’t (yet), sent me a new shooter report on his kids:

I got a Daisy 880 pellet rifle to teach the kids to shoot. Daniel is very proud of himself for his first shooting. He learned all the parts of his rifle, proper sight picture, a Dad-modified kneeling benchrest position (chair and a bag of cat food as a bench rest), and safe procedures and range rules. It was funny that to hear him recite the steps as he loaded, fired, and cleared the range before checking his target. “Open the bolt. Put the pellet in the breech. Close the bolt. Safety on. Get in position. Safety off. Breath. (…) BANG! Range clear? Safe? …” repeat. I set up a 5 meter range in the garage and he shot about a dozen “rounds” total. I put the glow target on the target for his last three shots. And the kid nails it.

Then Sarah got home and lined up. Same deal but sitting, and without the vocal repetition. She made 10 shots. Her first three were in the same centered hole! Out of the next seven six were on the target. Pretty good for a first time. And more than fine for a $40 Daisy.

They are great kids (actually, Sarah’s not a kid any more, she’s a young lady) and a welcome addition to the shooting community. We’re already talking about the possibility of me taking a road trip out that way and giving them the full NRA class.

Big fun.


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