Head Space

I checked it. On my NM AR Project, that is.

I wanted to make sure the bolt I got from Gregory of West By God! would headspace properly with the DPMS match barrel I bought from MidwayUSA.

Checks good on ground power…(it’s a Naval Aviation maintenance thing, you wouldn’t understand).

I probably didn’t need to buy the headspace gauges…AR’s aren’t as susceptible to headspace variations as other types of rifles…but I figured better safe than sorry and, if I ever reach my goal of becoming a professional gunsmith, I might just need them. I now have gauges for .30-06 and .223 Remington. Only about a million calibers to go to have a “full” set.

Anyway, now that I’m sure the bolt and barrel are compatible, all I need to do is conjure up the bucks to buy the last few components I need and get her put together.


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