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  1. Curtis,

    Congrats. That is great news…please let me know what I have to do for the wheelbarrows of cash also.

    I thought just blogging was enough yet, nothing.

    I'm on the Board of Directors of a Gun Club — that's costing me money (supplies, more gas) — not helping the cash flow.

    I'm sure you have the right steps listed now that you are officially part of the "triangle of death"…is it encoding on the cert? Do you have to brush it with lemon juice and heat it up?

  2. yeah…for being a member of the triangle of death.

    According to the anti-liberty lobby, we're all just paid shills for the gun industry and the reason we're so successful is because we're so well funded by deep pocketed special interests.

  3. Curt,

    Congrats. I'm still waiting for the wheelbarrows of cash myself.

    By the way, NRA Training recently set up a new website, NRAinstructors.org for NRA certified firearms instructors. I haven't used it myself yet, but looks like you can list your course, purchase course materials, etc. from the website.

  4. It actually took almost two months.

    We finished the instructor course on the 26th of July. Our coach said he would send the stuff in the next day, but I just got the certificate in the mail today.

    7 weeks total.

    According to our coach, they only process new instructor quals at the end of each month, so if you finish your class toward the beginning of the month, you'd probably get it quicker. Because ours was at the end of the month, we missed that month's processing and had to wait for the next month's.

    You actually don't have to wait for your cert to come in the mail to start teaching…as soon as the coach says you're good to go, you are an instructor. The only downside is that you can't order your class materials until you get your instructor card and number…but if you're teaching classes with another instructor or a team that can get the materials, you're good to go.

    Now I just need to get some advertising out there and set up some classes.

    Thanks to everyone for the congrats.

  5. 8 weeks here, the coach warned us there was a 2 month back-up for not only the cred's, but also for the processing of the orders for classroom materials/supplies as well.

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