Layers of editorial oversight

The subject of Joe Wilson and “You Lie” has been pretty much beat to death so I’m not going to go into that here…however, someone pointed to this article this morning (sorry, I can’t remember who it was that pointed me there…if I remember, I’ll update) about how Mr. Wilson has been raking in the donations following his outburst.

I’d wager that, had he refused to apologize and stuck to his guns, that number would be even higher, but that’s neither here nor there.

The reason for this post was something in the article that I just thought was funny as heck. I realize I’m being petty and nitpicky, but hey, if you can’t poke fun at “professional journalists” who can you poke fun at?

Miller, a former Iraq war veteran, has raised more than $1 million for his 2010 rematch with Wilson, according to the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee.

A “former Iraq war veteran”?

Meaning he USED to be an Iraq war veteran but isn’t any more?

How does that work?

Was his membership revoked for joining the Democrat party?

Maybe he got a pardon from the Chairman of the DNC and got his service record expunged so that his Democrat constituents wouldn’t hold it against him?

Maybe he pulled a John Kerry: threw someone else’s medals away and renounced his veteran-ship?

Kind of makes you go Hmmmm…

It’s a good thing “professional journalists” have those layers of editorial oversight…it keeps them from making silly mistakes like we bloggers occasionally do.


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  1. That was petty, nitpicky, AND funny! Also, that's the reason I try to proofread everything I write at least a couple of times.

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