Let’s think about this for a second…

Let’s say you were a member of an organization that was supposed to be for the mutual benefit of the members…say…a homeowner’s association.

Lets say you did something that angered the homeowner’s association. Nothing illegal, mind you. In fact, what you did was specifically within the bounds of the law and had nothing to do with the homeowners association; didn’t affect them in the slightest. Regardless, your action angered the other members of the association.

As a result of their pique, the other members of the association expel you from the group.

Some time later, after having been kicked out of the association, representatives of the group show up at your front door and demand to be let in so they can inspect your home to see if you’re keeping it up to their standards.

Would you let them in?

Or would you firmly recommend that they depart your property immediately, if not sooner?

Four representatives of the Organization of American States (OAS) were turned away today shortly after arriving at Toncontin International Airport in Honduras…[The] OAS delegates came to corroborate the situation in the country.

Honduras was expelled from the OAS on July 4th, in retaliation for the removal of Zelaya on the 28th of June.

Is it just me or do politicians the world over just live in some alternative reality where common sense and the rules of rational behavior simply don’t apply?

The vast majority of the world’s governments (if not flat out all of them) act like petulant, 6 year old children most of the time.

But, hey, if we just surrender control of every aspect of our lives to these cretins, we’ll all live happily ever after in equality, peace and harmony…and I’ve got some nice oceanfront property in Arizona I’d like to sell you.


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