The mark of a gunny.

Even though I fit many of the right demographics, I’ve never gotten a tatoo.

I’m a born and raised farm-boy redneck. I’ve been a biker all of my adult life. I spent 21 years in the US Navy, with the requisite trouble-making, port-calls and “spending like a drunken sailor” (mainly because that’s what I was) and retired as a Chief.

It’s almost mandatory that my body be decorated with ink…yet I’ve always resisted the urge; I consider it my own personal rebellion against stereotypes.

That fact notwithstanding, I will wear my newly acquired “gunny body art” with pride.

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Observe how well formed it is: shaped exactly like the hot .223 shell casing that made it.


No. It wasn’t on purpose.

Yes. It hurts like hell.

I still think it’s cool.

In other news: I am not capable of springing out of the prone position nearly as quickly as I used to be able to…even with hot brass burning into my flesh.

Repeat after me: “Long sleeves are my friend. Long sleeves are my friend. Long sleeves are my friend…”


9 thoughts on “The mark of a gunny.

  1. Be careful, you'll start a new body art trend.

    It could have been worse. The casing could have gone down your collar and into your shirt. 🙂

  2. Oh, I've done that … but it didn't leave a burn anything like that. Of course, it also went down the front of my shirt and lodged between the boobies….

  3. Yeah…I've had them down my shirt, stuck between my glasses and my face, bouncing off the top of my head, etc.

    This is the first time I've ever really gotten more than a red mark.

    The reason I got bit so bad is because I was prone, shooting in an indoor range. The casing bounced off the divider between lanes and rolled underneath me.

    I didn't realize it was there until I put my arm on it…with pretty much the full weight of my body searing the hot metal into my flesh.

    I realized it was down there then…let me tell you…but by that point it was too late. By the time I got the rifle safely grounded and got my fat, old butt up off the casing, it had already gotten me pretty good.

    The worst part is that it's right about where my forearm sits on the armrest of my chair as I'm typing.

  4. Oh man, that is funny. I abhor "tats" myself, but have many burns (not from casings, but from oven carriages…long stories I won't bore you with).

    It is nice to know that not all "bikers" feel the urge to deface their epidermis. (once again, long stories)

    Seriously, laughing my guts up. I mean it!

  5. Reminds me of my first live round in basic training, as I start to jump up franticly waiving my arms like a maniac to dislodge the hot brass, the drill sergeant runs over smacks me on the head and says "what in the H are you doing" after calming down enough to show him the burn mark in the crook of my elbow, he turns to the rest of the company and says "thank you pvt g for demonstrating to the company why left handed shooters need a brass deflector and everyone should cuff their sleeves…"

  6. "In other news: I am not capable of springing out of the prone position…"

    Damn,the "The older I get the better i was" statement means more and more to me everyday.

    Thanks for the smiles today!!

  7. I got a "two for one" deal on these a few weeks ago, sitting at the range getting ready to sight in my AR when a guy a few tables over fires his SKS round does a beautiful arc over the table between us and comes down in the crook of my arm just as I am closing it while lining up the AR. 2 marks, one on my bicep and one on my lower arm. cool.

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