NM Rifle Build Part 6

In Part 1, we introduced the series and talked about tools.
In Part 2, we installed the magazine catch and trigger guard.
In Part 3, we installed and adjusted the Jewell Match trigger.
In Part 4, we installed the safety selector, pistol grip and bolt catch.
in Part 5, we installed the pivot pin, recoil buffer components and buttstock.

This time, we’re going to start on the upper receiver by installing the forward assist assembly and the ejection port cover.

The forward assist assembly is pretty straightforward. It consists of the assembly itself, a large spring and a roll pin.

The forward assist goes into the large, angled hole on the right side of the upper receiver.

On the “post” part of the assist assembly, there is a flat area. that area is where the pin engages and holds the forward assist in. As the assembly is installed, that flat area needs to be in toward the center of the receiver.

The spring slips over the “post” part of the assembly.

Then insert the assembly into the hole, compressing the spring so that the flat on the assembly’s “post” area will line up with the pin hole.

Then drive in the roll pin.

Pretty simple.

The ejection port cover isn’t much more difficult to install.

It consists of the cover and latch assembly, the hinge pin, the spring, and a TEENY TINY retaining ring (It would be VERY easy to lose this so be careful with it. When I first pulled the components out of the shipping bag, the retaining ring was stuck to the ejection port cover itself and I thought it was missing until I spotted it clinging to the preservative oil coating).

We were, for some strange reason, thinking that this installation might damage the finish (silly us…not much chance of that), so we taped the side of the receiver forward and aft of the ejection port. That was completely unnecessary, but better safe than sorry, right?

First, clip the retaining ring into the groove close to the end of the ejection port cover pin. It went on very easily, but, again, be very careful, if you put too much pressure on it and it pops out of your hands, you will probably never see it again.

As I’ve explained in the past, this is one reason for the towel that I always put down on the work bench. If you drop (or launch) small parts while trying to install them, they have less tendency to bounce when they hit the towel, they tend to stop right where they hit and generally are easier to find.

Then put the spring in place on the ejection port cover itself and position it on the receiver.

Make sure the latch on the cover will be in toward the receiver when the cover is closed.

The short arm of the spring goes against the receiver and the long arm goes into the crease in the ejection port cover.

The easiest way I found to do this was to put the long arm in place on the cover door and stick the short arm in the receiver through the ejection port, then drag the cover down into position between the mounting ears, catching the short arm of the spring on the edge of the receiver as it goes. I had to put my finger across the spring to keep it from bending and popping out of position.

While holding the cover and spring in place, from the front of the receiver and with the retaining ring end of the ejection port cover pin toward the front of the receiver, slide the pin in, through the cover and the center of the spring.

It sounds more complicated than it is. It really was very easy to do.

The retaining ring keeps the pin from sliding to the rear and out. After it’s installed, the delta ring keeps the pin from sliding forward and out.

The spring tension was plenty to keep the pin in place until the barrel and delta ring were installed.

And that’s where we’re at.

Next time, we install the delta ring and the barrel.

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