Out for the Weekend

My family’s reunion is held every year over labor day weekend. They rotate locations between family members, this year it’s in Indiana just north of Indianapolis. I try to go as often as I can but don’t make it every year, but this one is a bit special…my mom’s 70th birthday was on August 26th and my step-father is throwing a birthday party for her the day before the reunion.

I’d held off making plans until early this week because of my wife’s medical issues, but she’s doing well enough in her recovery that I’ve decided to go…in fact, she insisted. She’s got friends to help take care of her and make sure she’s OK while I’m gone.

Since I’ll be on my own, I’ll be taking my primary mode of transportation which means I won’t have room for a computer. Don’t expect any blogging until I get back on Tuesday. I’ll have a complete after action report with pix when I get back.

The best thing about this trip is, as long as I stay south of Maryland, my Virginia CHP means I can legally carry my defensive firearm all the way there and back. Wasn’t always that way, but…we’re winning.

Catch y’all when I get back…oops…sorry…plural…”ALL y’all”.


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