Doing what we can.

Fellow VCDL member Josh Kellogg has opened a fund raising page for VCDL over at

His stated goal is to raise $5 a day or $1825 in 12 months.

If you have any interest in helping the premier gun rights organization in Virginia, please swing by and drop him a buck or two.

I reiterate his plea that if you feel compelled to donate $25 or more and are not already a member, please, versus just donating money, join VCDL in stead. Out of state members are welcome.

I also want to throw out the caveat that has fairly high transaction fees of 7.9%.

VCDL’s donation engine uses Paypal which only incurs a transaction fee of 2.9%, but paypal is antigun and I refuse to use it. I’m working on finding VCDL an alternative for easy payments but there just isn’t much out there.

If you choose to donate to VCDL you will have to make a choice between paying high transaction fees, or supporting an anti-gun business…or just write VCDL a check and mail it to:

Virginia Citizen’s Defense League
PO. Box 513
Newington, VA 22122


3 thoughts on “Doing what we can.


    I've just used it a couple of times as a test, and it seems to work so far.

    >paypal is antigun and I refuse to use it. I'm working on finding VCDL an alternative for easy payments but there just isn't much out there.

  2. Sayuncle linked to them a week ago or so.

    I signed up right away, and I'm happy with the service they provide, but there are a couple of problems.

    One, they only provide vixed value "buy now" buttons, not variable value "donate" buttons. That's a problem for an organization that doesn't sell much and thrives on donations.

    Secondly, they have no way for someone without an account to use their service. There's no option for a non-member to just enter a credit card number, you have to sign up for an account to make a purchase or donation.

    Those two problems are show stoppers, however, I contacted the gunpal management and they assure me that they are diligently working on solutions to those problems.

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