In this article about “whitopias” (hat tip to Sayuncle), the author of the book being discussed makes the same old mistakes in the same old ways.

Not really surprising considering how unashamedly biased he is…

Although there probably is a bit of a natural tendency to associate more freely with those to whom we look similar, I don’t think physical characteristics are nearly as important as culture.

I’m seriously considering moving out of my neighborhood because of some of the recent arrivals…the majority of whom happen to be black. Strangely, the most significant is the one that moved in right behind me. What’s strange about it is that a black family moved in, but a black family lived there when I bought the house and owned it until a couple of years ago when the current family bought the place.

The problem isn’t a racial one, it’s a cultural one. I don’t appreciate them having 5 to 10 kids in the back yard screaming at the top of their lungs all day long all summer long. I especially don’t appreciate those kids throwing toys, trash, empty water bottles and other flotsam into my yard every day, even after I’ve repeatedly talked to them about it. If it were the occasional accident, that would be one thing…but I’ve caught them doing it more than once intentionally. On one occasion, it took the kid three tries to get the toy over the fence into our yard. Gotta give him props for persistence. BTW: Trash goes back over the fence into their yard. Toys go in the trash. They’re not getting those back.

I believe they have someone living in their shed. It’s a big shed, granted, but it’s still a shed. They play their thump-thump-thumping music all day long. To their credit, they turn it off before it gets too late at night, so I can’t complain about that, but it gets annoying to have to turn the TV or radio up loud enough to drown their thumping out every day. I work mostly from home so I have to deal with it all.day.long.

But it’s not only them. The neighborhood has just gone to crap. Seemingly everyone who walks down the street these days drops some sort of trash in my lawn. That’s always happened to some degree, but recently it’s just gotten out of hand.

They walk down the street at night screaming and laughing and shouting as if this weren’t a residential neighborhood where people are trying to sleep. Every other car that drives down the street has music thumping so loud it literally shakes the windows. I hear crotch rocket motorcycles and cars with those stupid coffee can exhaust pipes screaming down our street at what appears to be at least 50 or 60 MPH on a daily basis.

It’s just gotten ridiculous. I don’t even enjoy living in my own house any more. It’s a shame too because I’ve always liked this house and there are still plenty of good people who live around here, of all races.

Crime isn’t that bad around here…probably not in small measure because this is Virginia and self defense is not only accepted, but encouraged. There isn’t a lot of vandalism or graffiti or stupid stuff like that. My complaints are all pretty minor…but they add up to someone who is no longer happy in the neighborhood.

It’s not a racial thing. I couldn’t care less whether the people causing the problems are black, white, or purple. It’s a cultural thing. Too many people here were raised in the urban “thug” culture where they learn that no one matters but them. Where their comfort, enjoyment and ability to do whatever the heck they want at whatever time they want and whatever location they want trumps anyone else’s rights, comfort levels or even common decency itself.

Majority white neighborhoods tend to not have these problems in my experience. And when you go over to a white neighbor’s house and ask them to please stop their kids from throwing crap in your yard, most of the time (not always, but generally speaking), they don’t act like it’s your fault that their kids are ill-behaved little monsters.

Urban black culture is broken (in more ways than just this one). No one can fix it but them and until they do so (which will never happen until they themselves face the fact that it’s broken and stop blaming all their troubles on everyone else), whites will continue to try to get away from it and congregate where others who share their cultural mores live.

As soon as we can swing it, we’ll be moving out of here…probably to someplace a bit more rural, but possibly to one of those “whitopias”. Not because of the racial makeup, but because there’s less chance of running up against people who live in this culture that I despise so much.


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  1. We've been fighting a similar battle here in my neighborhood. We're winning, but the battle is only similar and the battle ground is completely different.

    One thing I would at least think about, is saving all the trash thrown into your backyard. When you have a good five gallon bucket full, knock on their door and dump it all in the foyer.

    I take it the local law won't doing anything about the speeding cars or shack tenants.

    When my next door neighbor was completely ignoring my requests, then demands, for some quite, I determined to find something they cared about that I could disrupt.

    Once I'd done that a few times, I got their attention and some improvements occurred.

    But the battle will be essentially endless, because their culture only cares about themselves.

  2. I've read about some of your issues and I empathize.

    If enough of us complain about the speeding, the cops will put a marked car on the street for a few days, write a few tickets…inevitably not to the ones who are causing the problems; but to Sally Soccer Mom for going 5 over because she's late to work. The poser thugs see the cop and don't pull their stupid tricks when they're out there. After a few days, the cops get bored with that and move on to other things.

    As soon as the marked car is gone, the posers are right back at it.

    As far as the shed-dwellers…I can't really PROVE that the people I see going in and out of there all the time are living in it, I just strongly suspect it…and no one in the city government seems to be interested in looking into it.

    I suppose I could report that they've got a pot plant growing in there…that would warrant a dramatic visit from the SWAT team and half the Norfolk Police Department…but I'm not much into the whole "lying to achieve an agenda" thing. That's just not done in the culture I grew up in.

  3. Seems that the State of Washington supports rental assistance for those that can't afford it, and those on such assistance move in to the neighborhood and bring two or three friends with them to live in the same home and share expenses. And the extra cars in the drive and yard, and no lawn mower, and many other things (drugs, drink and lots of attention). I guess it is getting good that the eye sight and the hearing are going pretty quickly.

  4. At first, I thought you were talking about my City. But we got urban doorbells here.

    But I find it interesting with the link article. They talk trash about all white enclaves, but it's just jim dandy when other ethnic/racial groups have their own cities/neighborhoods.

  5. Curt, I know exactly what you mean. Our neighborhood is slipping also, with many of the same problems you describe.

    The worst part about it is that we have fabulous neighbors…white…hispanic…black. They are all such good friends and neighbors that I'd hate to "start over" somewhere else.

    It's a real mess. Sigh.

  6. My old neighborhood went through a similar transformation a couple of years back, and we were fortunate enough to get out. Having driven back through there a couple of times since the move, I can only be thankful that we got out when we did. It seems to be going downhill at an accelerating rate.

  7. I'm really at a loss for words. I found the whole article offensive. Brother you are right though. I don't get the culture, don't like the thumping cars and the noise. Of course people are going to look for good schools and nice houses.

  8. We are obviously as racist as Curt. When we were looking for our current house, we parked across the street from a house for sale, and we got out of our car. Our realtor had parked on the street in front of us, and he got out also.

    As we got out of our cars, one guy emerged from each house on either side of the house we were there to see. And started screaming at each other. In the street. Directly in front of 'our' house.

    Being the racist white man I am, I saw these two white men fighting in the street, exchanged a look with our realtor, and we all just left. I'm ashamed to be such a racist. Maybe I should pay higher taxes or something, I don't know . . .

  9. I believe this is a class thing more than even a cultural thing. And boy does it suck when you live in a place where everyone is not of the same class.

    I lived in a very diverse neighborhood for 7 years. My immediate neighbors on all sides of me lived all over me for most of that time. From the Hell's Angel wannabe to my south to the large, multigenerational family to the west, to the single parent with five kids to the north to the snowbird and psychopath to the east, it seemed that everyone pissed me off to some extent. Most of them were fairly easy to live with once understandings were made.

    The ones I had the most problem with were the ones who where in the lowest class and who were actively digging lower. Boom cars, open containers, deadbolt daycares, untended children, screaming fights at 3AM, gunplay, graffiti, property damage, rampant alcoholism, other drugs, petty theft and curbside car repair/storage were all things we dealt with at one time or another.

    Even these things were largely manageable.

    What wasn't manageable was the feeling of frustration when you saw the neighbor lady loading her laundry baskets into her brand new Lexus to go to the laundromat.

    I shook my head in disbelief when a shitbox car would show up with $2,000 worth of spinning rims and trunk-o-funk.

    I had a grim chuckle when the charity Santa from the UPS and the UPS guy went into our neighbor's house with a charity Christmas gift for the little ones there only to be confronted with a flat screen TV so large someone could have been buried in it. The look on their faces when they left was priceless.

    I just smiled and nodded when the weed-addled guy next door would tell me of all the ways he'd be free of "this place" when his mid-six-figure settlement check came in. When it did come in, I just smiled and nodded when in less than a year he burned through it with very little to show for it but a garage full of new toys and a trashy new girlfriend.

    All the while, things seemed to happen to every one there and they were always the victim. My neighbor who habitually drove like the back of his car was on fire and drove around with an open bottle of beer in his cup holder got popped for DWI. It was because he was black he got popped, not because he was doing 60 in a 30 and had his open beer next to him.

    When my neighbor who left his truck out of gear and smashed the garage doors out of my garage came up to let me know what had happened, it wasn't his fault. It was mine. I had let my garage door pillar rot to the point that anything could have pushed it in 3' and wrecked both doors.

    When you have two Lincoln Navigators in your driveway and the bank is foreclosing on your house, is it your fault for bad decision making? Nope. It's the bad old bank coming to end the party.

    I could go on, but the fact was that there was no way in hell I was going to raise my kid in a neighborhood where nobody took responsibility for anything. We gave up and moved.

  10. In the neighborhood my last rental home was in we took care of the coffee can cars by getting the city to install speed bumps.

    The city also installed some signs along with the with the speed bumps that miraculously seemed to disappear shortly after they were installed.

    The first few coffee can cars to hit those bumps at their usual speed didn't make it out of the neighborhood under their own power.

  11. Short term solution for the noise thing: wireless headphones for your TV. Assuming your TV has audio outputs, just connect it to your stereo and then hook up a couple pairs of wireless headphones to the stereo.

    It's not ideal. But it should help until you can move.

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