A riddle:

How do you finish in last place in a shooting competition, and still win?

Be the only competitor.

I was the sole contestant in the Airfield Shooting Club’s M1 Carbine match and I won it handily…while simultaneously coming in dead last.

Yea me.

I think the weather had something to do with the…um…low…turnout. It was a bit chilly and it’s been raining for three days. It didn’t actually rain on us at the range, but it was cloudy and looked like it could have at any time…which probably prompted many potential competitors to just stay in bad this morning.

Anyway, the match director and I had a great time.

Did I mention that I won?

After that I went to the VCDL Freedom Rally in Glen Allen (suburb of Richmond) which I’ll report on over at The Sentinel after I get some much needed sleep.

It was an eventful and enjoyable…but long…day.


5 thoughts on “A riddle:

  1. Who was that guy that won, oh, the one that showed up. I have heard that most of life is lived by those that do show up. Congratulations!

  2. Same thing will be happening to me next year. I plan on shooting Frontiersman, and in my neck of the woods, nobody does it. I'll be competing against me, myself, and I.

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