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UPDATE:Although the shooting tip below is still valid, apparently Field and Stream magazine (and myself as a result) have been had. The video embedded is a fake. It’s a PR campaign by the NFL that uses special effects to create the illusion of their players doing improbable things. I’m a bit embarrassed that I took it at face value just because the source was a “reputable” magazine. Should have known better./UPDATE

One of the most difficult things to teach a rifle or pistol shooter about shotgun shooting is that you don’t really aim in the same sense as aiming a rifle or pistol.

There are no “sights” (other than a bead) on a typical shotgun for a reason.

Shotgun “aiming” with moving targets is the exact opposite of rifle and pistol shooting in that you don’t focus your vision on the sights, you focus your vision on the target.

Allowing for the relative motion between the target and the shot pattern so that they meet in the middle requires practice and experience. After a while, you just kind of get a “feel” for it. It’s no different than hitting a moving baseball with a bat, or a tennis ball with a racket, or a running receiver with a football, as Joe Flacco ably demonstrates in this video:

When shooting moving targets with a shotgun, keep your eye on the target and let your instincts find your “lead”. And Practice, practice practice.

Hat tip to Airfield Shooting Club senior instructor and accomplished shotgunner Dale Mullin, via e-mail, and by way of Field and Stream magazine.

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  1. Excellent tip. I've had far more practice with handguns and rifles, but really should take a shotgun class. Good video, too.

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