Subterfuge and trickery

It seems that the Brady Campaign and their ilk aren’t the only ones who find it necessary to mislead the public in an effort to forward their agenda.

A while back, I signed up to get e-mail updates from “Health Care For America Now”. I did it so that I could stay up to date on what the other side is up to.

I’ve thought about posting about some of their updates, but as this is primarily a gun rights blog, I’ve left it alone until now.

Today I got this gem of an E-mail:

Dear Supporter:

Meet Melanie Shouse.

A few years ago, Melanie was living the American dream when she transformed an old Dominos storefront into an expansion of her home business. But just as the store was opening, Melanie was diagnosed with stage four breast cancer and given months to live.1

Melanie’s insurance company, WellPoint, is denying her the care she needs. WellPoint’s CEO will be in Washington, DC tomorrow, and we’re delivering a petition to her for Melanie. Can you sign TrueMajority’s petition and stand with Melanie? Click here.

Melanie had insurance, and she went straight to the experts at Siteman Cancer Center in St. Louis. Working with the world-renowned doctors there, she’s beaten the odds and stayed healthy for years. But now her insurance company, a subsidiary of WellPoint, is refusing to pay for the medication her doctors recommend.2

So Melanie got mad. And last week Melanie went to WellPoint’s local office in St. Louis to confront CEO Angela Braly – who makes almost $10 million a year in salary and stock benefits, but defends dropping people like Melanie’s insurance when they get sick.3

Braly refused to meet with Melanie, just like she had refused Melanie’s medication. So Health Care for America Now and TrueMajority are following Braly to Washington, D.C. tomorrow, where she’s attending a convention of the biggest insurance company executives in America.4 This conference is our best chance to give people like Melanie the opportunity to confront the insurance company CEOs who denied them care when they needed it.

Melanie and people like her will risk everything to demand that insurance CEOs stop dropping our coverage, stop denying us care and stop opposing real reform in Congress.

Can you back her up by signing TrueMajority’s petition? Click here.

We’ve been keeping the pressure on Braly and other insurance company CEOs for almost two weeks now. We’ve banged on the doors of their mansions, run ads on TV, and held rallies in front of the offices of three of the biggest insurance companies in America.5 These companies – Cigna, WellPoint and UnitedHealth – insure millions of people, but they make their money by denying us care when we need it.3,6

Next week, all three companies’ CEOs will be in D.C. to congratulate themselves on making record-breaking salaries and tell our Members of Congress to oppose health care reform.6 We can’t let their visit go unchallenged, and you can help us send a message.

Our signatures make a simple demand: that the CEOs who make billions of dollars and deny us care meet the people they’ve hurt and consider doing business another way.

Sign now and we’ll make sure your signature is delivered to the CEOs and to Congress tomorrow for victims like Melanie. Click here.

To your health,

Levana Layendecker
Health Care for America Now

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The thing that immediately struck me as misleading was the statement in the second paragraph: “Melanie’s insurance company, WellPoint, is denying her the care she needs. “

No…Melanie’s insurance company doesn’t provide care, it provides insurance subject to the terms and conditions of the policy. The insurance company can’t deny something that it doesn’t provide in the first place. It didn’t deny “care”, it denied to PAY for care that apparently didn’t conform to the terms of the policy.

Anyway, the charges sounded pretty serious so I clicked through to some of the cited material.

The first link gives even less information than the e-mail itself and was, therefore, useless.

The second goes to a local Fox affiliate news show called “The Jaco Report” that shed a little more light on the subject. The remaining links either had no direct bearing or, in one case, was broken.

In the Fox affiliate video, the “victim” of this egregious insurance company behavior claims that the insurance company sent her a letter with a “technical” reason for their denial of the claim, but she declined to elaborate.

The most important part of her story is when she revealed that, because of her reduced income, she now qualifies for medicare…WHICH IS PAYING FOR HER TREATMENT.

In other words, under the current “medical system” she is NOT being denied care, or even coverage of her care. She is receiving the care she needs AT TAXPAYER EXPENSE.

And this is somehow evidence that our “system” is broken and is in need of a complete overhaul?

I beg to differ.

The second example in the Fox “news” report (not mentioned in the e-mail) is a woman who doesn’t have health insurance because it’s “cost prohibitive” and probably wouldn’t be covered anyway because her health problems are pre-existing.

Umm. The idea is to get health insurance BEFORE getting sick. Not after.

I think I’ll wait until my wife dies (hopefully many, many years from now), and then, after she’s passed, apply for a 20 million dollar life insurance policy. You think they’ll cover her after she’s already dead?

This is EXACTLY the same principle.

Furthermore, how does this lady plan to pay for her needed medical treatments? The same way she has in the past: Charity.

Hmm…charitable works being done without the intervention of government. Who’d a thunk it?

This entire issue is a scam. A swindle. A dodge. It has nothing to do with health care…which is being denied no one.

It doesn’t even have anything to do with health insurance…which is a completely different thing from health CARE. If it were about making health insurance more accessible, proposals such as allowing the purchase of health insurance across state lines wouldn’t be dismissed out of hand. This has only to do with statists expanding their power and increasing the role of government in our personal lives.

This is going to get rammed through no matter what. You can take that to the bank. It is a PRIMARY goal of the statist administration and congressional majority we have right now.

Why? Because it is the next step toward the government assuming total control over our health care industry. And why is that important? Because EVERYTHING WE DO, can be related to health care. What we eat, what types of vehicles and how fast we drive, what “vices” we enjoy, how much we sleep, what we do for a living, what recreational activities we undertake, how much carbon we “emit”…EVERY ASPECT OF OUR LIVES can be related to health care.

If the government has assumed responsibility for our health care…then it follows that they are responsible for doing all they can to ensure that we are as healthy as possible right? By ceding responsibility for our health care to the government, we are also ceding the authority to regulate anything and everything that can be related to our health.

In other words, we cede every aspect of our lives to government regulation and control.

And that’s what this is about.

“whatever power you give the State to do things FOR you carries with it the equivalent power to do things TO you.
–Albert Jay Nock

“The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it.”
— H.L. Mencken

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2 thoughts on “Subterfuge and trickery

  1. If the government has assumed responsibility for our health care…then it follows that they are responsible for doing all they can to ensure that we are as healthy as possible right?

    Of course, that logic only works for those that already believe that the police exist to protect us.

  2. You just don't care about the plight of this poor, poor, pitiful sick woman. Obviously your opinion can be discounted. And what a jerk YOU are for actually following the links and thinking instead of just taking the story at face value. The GALL!

    Kidding. I kid. Nice catch.

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