What I did tonight

Got my Halloween decoration ready.

We used to do some decorating for halloween when the kids were still here, but now that they’ve moved away and have kids of their own…it just doesn’t seem worth the hassle.

I do still uphold one tradition though.

When the kids were really little, I bought one of those pumpkin carving tool kits with the little saws and things, and a book of simple patterns. The kids helped me pick out the pattern and cut it out and it turned out great. They loved having a fancy pumpkin and a family tradition was born.

I still like having a nicely carved pumpkin and since I have no artistic ability whatsoever (doing a pumpkin with a pattern doesn’t take any artistic ability…just the ability to trace a pattern, some attention to detail and patience), I can’t even carve a simple jackolantern free-hand…so I still do the “kit” pumpkin every year.

Over the years, we bought more pattern books and I found and downloaded some from the internet and I have a pretty good collection going now. The hard part is figuring out which one to do.

I picked a fairly simple one this year and it only took me maybe 35 or 40 minutes from making the first cut to open the pumpkin to lighting the candle.

I did use my fancy camera to take some pictures of it lit. I had to set the exposure time to a couple of seconds and use a tripod to get anything worth looking at, but I think they came out OK.

I couldn’t make up my mind which one I liked better. This one I overexposed a little bit. It made the candlelight more harsh, but you can see the pumpkin better.

Since I couldn’t make up my mind, you get to see both.

What a bargain.

Anyway, I’m pretty happy with this year’s product.

Happy Halloween all.

And don’t eat too much candy.


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