Never let a good canard die

The history of the race, and each individual’s experience, are thick with evidence that a truth is not hard to kill and that a lie told well is immortal.
— Mark Twain

According to the local NBC affiliate, Chicago has seen a 17% increase in the use of machine guns in crime...machine guns that were purchased legally at gun stores in Indiana.

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OK…one more time: Machine guns have been tightly regulated by federal law since 1934. One CANNOT just walk into a gun store in any state in the Union, show a fake ID, plop down the money and walk out with a machine gun.

I could give the this story the benefit of the doubt and just assume that it’s based on ignorance, but the involvement of the ATF and the fact that they blatantly depicted the firing of machine guns, even to the point of allowing the reporter to shoot one to demonstrate how difficult to control they are, leads me to believe that this was an intentional, bald faced, lie of a story.

They are AGAIN trying to convince the ignorant public that the “assault weapons” that were the target of the 1994 ban on scary looking cosmetic features, and that are the target of similar legislation today, are military, fully automatic, assault rifles.

And they are lying.


5 thoughts on “Never let a good canard die

  1. Curt,

    I'll post this on my blog, but we need to take action on this.

    I've used this link to report my local tv stations to the FCC. I would suggest we all do.

    Wouldn't hurt to call senators, but probably won't help.

  2. Also just as irresponsible is allowing the reporter to incorrectly hold the gun to exaggerate uncontrollably.

    How the hell are you going to hold onto ANY rifle, let alone a full-auto with the butt jammed up into your armpit!

    This is HORRIBLE!

  3. This is the MSM. What else do you expect?

    May the MSM die a swift horrible spasmotic death, and put themselves out of our misery.

    B Woodman

  4. See the advertisement from "Feldco" at the beginning of the video? The real way to counter this NBC propaganda is by calling up and complaining to the advertiser. Let them know how badly the story reflects on their product, and how NBC accomplished anti-advertising for Feldco by running an anti-gun fake news story.

  5. Hmm, the mainstream media complicit with the federal government in telling willful lies to the American people?

    Why am I not shocked?

    As a side note, I'd hate to think what was a mile or so down range of that ATF range when the reporter was sending all those rounds over the berm. Does the ATF get a free pass on reckless discharge?

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