Sqeezing Lemons

Well, my anti-gun, big government, statist, incumbent delegate, Paula Miller (D), was re-elected to the Virginia House again.

I actually expected as much, but one can always hope. John Amiral (R) ran a strong campaign and he actually had a shot. My only real hope was that the lackluster support Deeds was getting in the statewide campaign would result in low Democrat voter turnout and give Amiral a chance.

Something that should give Ms. Miller pause (but probably won’t) and gives me hope for the future…assuming that she continues to have credible challenges in the future by either the stupid party, or any of the viable “third party” options…she did win the election, by a margin of 57% to 43%. On it’s face, that may seem like a pretty impressive margin of victory, until you consider the general political leanings of the area she represents.

Let’s see, how did this district vote in some of the other races?

(The asterisk indicates who won the statewide race)

Governor: Deeds (D): 60%
McDonnell(R): 40%*

Lt. Governor: Wagner (D): 64%
Bolling (R): 36%*

Attorney General: Shannon (D): 61%
Cuccinelli (R): 39%*

Wow. Maybe that was an aberration. Let’s look at the other local Norfolk Races where there was opposition, shall we?

Sheriff: McCabe (D): 76%
Jones (I): 24%

Commissioner of the Revenue: McDonald (D): 74%
Knack (I): 26%

Whooo boy, us Norfolkians love us some Democrats don’t we?

Let’s see: In the three state races, the Democrats carried the district by an average of 23% and in the local races, both Democrat incumbents won against their independent challengers by about 50%.

And Democrat incumbent Paula Miller beat her relatively unknown Republican challenger by a measly 14%? Kind of pales in comparison doesn’t it?

Especially when you consider that the disparity means that some voters had to have run a straight Democrat ticket…except for her race, where they voted for the Republican.

I don’t know that this district will ever have a Delegate with anything other than “D” after their name again, as entrenched in the liberal, victim-mentality, “gotta get mine” culture this area is…but as far as I’m concerned, this year’s race shows that it’s possible.


1 thought on “Sqeezing Lemons

  1. It's no different over here in Portsmouth. At least Norfolk has a Mayor that appears to not be batsh*& crazy. We can't say the same over here. I still thought it was cute, in a "oh, she thinks she has a chance" sort of way, that a white woman thought she could win a state delegate position in Portsmouth while running as a Republican. When her opponent was a black democrat, it was especially obvious that she didn't stand a chance in hell.

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