Well that’s good news

Organizing for America sent me an e-mail this morning saying that my representative’s vote in the House is crucial for passage of the Health Care Reform bill being voted on today.

They urged me to call Mr. Nye and tell him what I think about it.

OK, OK…actually, they didn’t seem to care much what I think about it, they just instructed me to call and tell him to support it. Unfortunately for them, I’m not one of their automatons that just mindlessly do what I’m told.

I did take part of their advice…I did call Representative Nye’s office. I told them that, as a constituent, I’m urging representative Nye to vote against the bill as it is a boondoggle, too expensive and nothing more than a bald-faced power grab by the government.

The nice woman on the phone was happy to inform me that Representative Nye has already made up his mind and that he’s voting against the bill.

Good on him. He ran as a conservative democrat so I’m happy that he’s at least partially living up to his billing.


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