Women On Target

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It’s no surprise to those who keep up with community news that the shooting sports are catching on with more and more women. Whether it’s as a means of self-defense and empowerment, a way to get out of the “comfort zone” and challenge themselves, an interesting, rewarding and exhilarating hobby, or just a matter of learning a new skill, women are an integral, important and growing segment of the shooting community.

On November 14th, Airfield Shooting Club played a small part in this growth by hosting an NRA “Women on Target” shooting clinic.

The ground still wet from the Nor’Easter formerly known as Ida, having ended a scant day before, 21 women of all ages, backgrounds, statures and experience levels, some from as far away as Washington State, braved the soggy, chilly weather to get a taste of the basic shooting disciplines: rifle, pistol and shotgun.

The experienced and able ASC corps of NRA certified instructors covered the rules of safe gun handling,

range rules and etiquette,

gun components and operation,

and basic shooting techniques,

for each of the disciplines.

And, before long, shells were flying, clay birds were breaking,

metal plates were pinging and the air was tinged by the sweet, sweet fragrance of smokeless powder.

Over the course of the morning and into the early afternoon, the ladies rotated through the three disciplines so that they could get a taste of each of them.

The chill and damp were quickly forgotten as the budding shootists engaged in the sports with eager enthusiasm.

After a long morning of learning and shooting, the group adjourned to the Airfield 4H center’s dining hall for a wonderful buffet of salad, fried chicken, ham, and all the trimmings. The facilities available at the 4H center that hosts the Airfield Shooting club are impressive and very well managed.

Senior Instructor and all-around good guy Dale, handed out certificates of completion and smiles were the uniform of the day.

After a wonderful lunch and good fellowship, back to the range we went. This time, the new shooters were able to choose their favorite discipline(s) for further instruction, practice and fine tuning of their newly acquired skills.

A few of the ladies brought personal firearms to practice with.

And the opportunity was not to be passed by.

Even though Ida did her best to waylay us, we persevered, and the clinic was a great success. The ladies seemed very satisfied with the experience and many expressed an interest in further training at future clinics and classes. It was a long day at the range, it was chilly, damp and a bit muddy. But a bad day at the range is better than a good day almost anywhere else, and this was no exception.

And, finally, I actually thought to take my video camera with me this time, so, for your entertainment and edification…Women on Target at the Airfield Shooting Club:

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6 thoughts on “Women On Target

  1. What a good time and such great shooting!

    How do you not find a reason to do this every weekend? Seems a very good group to be a part of and work with. Many blessings all round is obvious. Thanks for sharing.

  2. If we did it every weekend, the other members would get annoyed that they never get to shoot at their own club.

    It is a blast though and I plan to be involved an many more events like these.

  3. Good job, instructors, club and the lucky ladies. Now go out and get all their girl friends and do it again in the Spring, once per season is about right to spice up one's gunless life.

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  5. I'm sure every weekend, or even every month, would hurt club activities. But your idea of offering small, personal introductions is a great idea. BZ.


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