Damage Control…

…in the case of Richmond Hero and Medal of Honor recipient Colonel Barfoot.

The law firm prostituting themselves for representing the tyrants Home Owner’s Association has published a “clarification”.

This is not about the American flag. This is about a flag pole. And Col. Barfoot is not being forbidden from displaying an American flag.

They also conveniently include an e-mail address to which to send comments about this matter. I’m sure that is so they may more conveniently ignore them so I also submitted my comment to the law firm via their contact form.

Here is what I submitted for their consideration:

I recently was made aware of the statement from the tyrants of the Sussex Square Homeowners association as posted on the web site of a Law Firm that can pretty much write off the business of any military veteran or patriotic American for the rest of it’s (hopefully) short existence.

In response I would like to say that it doesn’t matter one whit what the “intention” of the tyrants was. All that matters is the RESULT. The result of this, if their petty and selfish desires reach fruition, will be that a true American Hero will, intentionally or not, be prevented from declaring his patriotism in the manner he finds fitting and sufficient.

This is a man who once wrote a personal check in the amount of “up to and including my life” and paid to the order of all Americans…including the ingrates of this Home Owner’s Association and law firm. He fulfilled the obligation that he committed himself to through three wars and acquitted himself above and beyond the call of duty and with the utmost of selfless heroism as evidenced by his being awarded the highest military honor this country can bestow.

In light of that, I would say it is self-evident that this man has EARNED the right to demonstrate his patriotism in any manner he damn well chooses; that the insignificant and petty people opposing his display haven’t earned and don’t deserve the time of day from this hero and that both the members of this home owners association and the law firm representing them are disgracing themselves with this action.

I’m sure you’re not, because petty tyrants and narcissistic jackasses rarely are…but you should be ashamed of yourselves.

Hat Tip to Irons in the Fire


5 thoughts on “Damage Control…

  1. I think they should make the tyrants apologize personally to everyone who wrote a letter. Right before they are subjected to flogging on the town square.

  2. Because of course it's not patriotic to follow rules of the association you joined (by buying a home in a covenanted area) and fly the flag from a wall-mounted flagpole.

    This is why I won't buy where there's a homeowners' association, but there are two sides to every story.

  3. Perhaps you haven't been following this story.

    I would absolutely agree with you if this was a matter of someone not following the terms of the agreement they signed.

    That's not the case. There is no provision of the HOA agreement that precluded Mr. Barfoot from installing his pole.

    The Homeowner's Association, who's officers include a husband and wife and one other homeowner as far as I can tell, just arbitrarily decided that Mr. Barfoot's flagpole does not fit the aesthetics of the community.

    I believe the HOA is most likely within the bounds of the law to order the flagpole removed.

    But being within the law doesn't make it right.

    There are two sides to every story, but frankly, in this case, the only one I care about is a freaking MEDAL OF HONOR recipient who wants to fly his flag the way he always has.

    His Medal of Honor and the sacrifices and risks he made for his countrymen to earn it, trumps any petty and selfish concerns of the HOA as far as I'm concerned.

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