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I just watched Caleb’s spot on Fox & Friends vs Dennis Hennigan.

[Update] Caleb’s After Action Report with embedded video of the spot. [/Update]

First, I want to say that this is not intended as a criticism of how Caleb handled himself. He was very articulate and poised and stayed on point. I believe he represented gun owners admirably.

Mr. Hennigan, however, did not stay on point and Caleb didn’t address his dissembling and misdirection. Of course, Caleb really didn’t have time to do so and get his point across as well because in typical “News” ADHD fashion, they only gave the subject a couple of minutes of time, rather than take the time to explore the issue in any kind of depth.

That’s one of the problems with the media in my mind. They’re a mile wide and a micron deep. They cover all kids of topics, but don’t even scratch the surface of the topics they cover. On can hardly consider themselves “informed” based on the superficial coverage that the typical news program provides on any given topic.

In any case, what happened was that Mr. Hennigan’s point was:

a. In “shall issue” states, permits are “often” given to people who shouldn’t get them and people with permits commit “many” crimes.

b. In light of the above, news organizations should have access to permit holder information so they can scour them to find out who has been granted permits that shouldn’t have and to identify when people with permits commit crimes.

Caleb, in staying on HIS point, didn’t address either of these fallacies.

Here’s how I would have responded:

“Mr. Hennigan, much like every other anti-gun activist in the world, has a little trouble staying on point. Considering that studies involving more than simple google searches have determined that Concealed Weapons Permit holders are statistically even more law abiding than the Police, I’d say Mr. Hennigan’s characterization of this as a major problem is a bit overblown. When you look beyond the anecdotes and raw numbers, the rate of permit holders who commit violent crimes is actually very tiny.

Be that as it may, Mr. Hennigan is mischaracterizing what this issue is about. It isn’t about access to the data or publishing information on permit holders who’ve committed crimes, it’s about publishing All permit holder information, including that of permit holders who’ve committed no crimes and are demonstrably the most law abiding of citizens.

The efforts to prevent the media from accessing this type of information is a DIRECT RESULT of the media using this information inappropriately. There was no issue with the press having free access to information of this nature until they themselves began publishing it for no good reason. It is their OWN IRRESPONSIBILITY that endangers access to the information that Mr. Hennigan contends is so important for public safety.”

At any rate, I think Caleb handled himself well and represented us admirably.


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  1. Yeah, I would have LOVED another 10 minutes to go after Henigan's bullcrap – but with just 5 minutes I absolutely had to stay on point, regardless of how much he baited me to do otherwise.

  2. I think Hennigan not staying on point was effective for those who want to believe in gun control.

    The host and Caleb made sure to address the privacy issues while Henigan was trying to skirt it.

    I think as more and more people know someone with a permit, that type of insinuation doesn't work as well.

    I think you are right about the mile wide and micron deep (another phrase I'll probably steal) and it showed in the interview

  3. Wasn't this done briefly by a VA paper a couple years back?

    I have a vague memory of that incident and think it was the gun-free folks complaining that perps could plan robberies and assaults with higher probabilities of success by targeting the anti-gun people.

    Does that right a bell anyone?

    It probably comes down to public info like so many other records. I'm not excited about it for my privacy.

    I think its a fascinating thing to identify all the "Carl Rowens" out there. I imagine Indiana's Paul Helmke is on the list (especially from his days as Ft Wayne politician) along with more than a few liberal preachers, etc. That would make an interesting report even if one had to go downtown in person to access the records.

  4. Darn typos and all. I read my post in preview and intended to correct a few things then hit the wrong button.

    "Ring" instead of "right" a bell, etc.

  5. I wonder what the result would be if the flip side of the publishing angle was to be introduced. How would those without guns feel about having their information published?

    I know, preaching to the choir, but its an interesting angle.

  6. Wasn't this done briefly by a VA paper a couple years back?

    Yes, it was in Roanoke and the public response (which centered around contacting advertisers) caused it to be pulled down within a couple of days.

    VCDL supported a couple of bills to close the "gun owner privacy loophole" and was partially successful: The State Police can no longer release the compiled, state-wide list of permit holders, however the individual records are still considered public, therefore, individual courts can still release the information for their jurisdiction.

    We do still have one small paper releasing this information for their area and it is a VCDL priority to get these records closed down completely to stop it.

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