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  1. Brother that made my day. That was good stuff.

    Paul, I had a friend who sat on the board one year and told me I was the first one past the cut off. Talk about a kick to the butt.

  2. Scott, on try number 6 the detailer called me to say he decided not to screw me again and that I was indeed above the cut and would be advanced to E7.

  3. We never did figure out what was holding me back. I had all the tickets punched according to the standard "gouge"…I think it was because when I hit my prime, we were right in the middle of the Clinton drawdowns. By the time things started stabilizing and you didn't have to wait for someone to die to make rank anymore, I was past my prime and it was the young bucks being selected.

    It was pretty frustrating to have guys that I trained and who worked for me making chief when I didn't.

    A couple of them were Second Classes under me at one point but by the time I made Chief, they were Senior Chiefs.

    Here's a good one. One of the other First Classes that worked for me had to go on Emergency leave right before the packages were due. He'd procrastinated and didn't have it done yet before he left. I ordered his service record and just built him a package at the same time that I built mine and sent them both in. He didn't even know I'd done it until he got back from leave and I told him I'd taken care of it for him. Just being a good LPO and looking out for my people.

    Guess who made Chief that year?

    Wasn't me.

    Anyway, by the time I made it, I was the senior AT1 in the Navy that made it that cycle. I didn't get frocked on September 15th, I got advanced.

    It was actually kind of funny because all through initiation, they kept trying to threaten us with "we won't frock you, we'll make you wait until you get paid to put it on"…and I'd just smile.

    There were plenty of times I was a whiney goober bitch over the course of those 9 years of wondering why I wasn't good enough…but my whining paid off, my mom got to pin my anchors on and I retired wearing khakis so, as far as I'm concerned, I had a successful career.

  4. Curt, Paul

    When I made it I had more time in rate then any of the other Selectees in Lemoore. I thought for sure I was going to be Team Leader. It finally came down to a HM reservist that had been in longer than any of us but had less time in rate.

    I know what made it for me was getting my Safe for Flight. That's the only thing different then the prior year.

  5. This is a funny post! I am non-military, but saw a friend go through this process many times before he was finally selected. It's like all the stages of grief rolled up in one, repeated every year.

    One more thing. To those of you for whom this mirrors a personal experience, thanks for your service and committment.

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