Color me impressed

I give “fair weather bikers” a hard time on days like today, but for the first time in memory, I actually saw another local biker out on a day that I fully expected to be the only one on the road.

This morning before leaving for church (luckily, it was still up on my browser when I got home so I could screen-shot it before refreshing for the current temp).

And, just now after getting home.

Thank God for global warming, otherwise it may have been too cold to ride.


2 thoughts on “Color me impressed

  1. Trade ya?

    Right now, Cedar Rapids, IA is +3, that's it. It was -13 at 8am.

    Don't get me started on the windchill.

    Global warming my a##

  2. Cold weather riding doesn't bother me too much, although here in CA it's rarely an issue. Rain, however, truly addsthe suck to my ride – especially if I'm unprepared. I recently got caught in a rainstorm coming home from the beach – about a 70 mile ride – and it was the most miserable experience I had had in a long time. No wet weather gear at all, open faced helmet, thin gloves and a non – waterproof jacket…

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