All across the country this winter, bloggers across the country have been talking about how Al Gore keeps crapping on them, or about the Global Warming they’ve had to shovel or drive through.

I’ve been waiting and waiting for Al to visit Hampton Roads and it looks like he’s finally hit town.

This is only the second significant snowfall that I’ve seen in the 15 or so years that I’ve lived here.

Of course, my definition of “significant” is significantly different than the local’s definition of “significant”.

Remember, I’m from Indiana.  I don’t consider snow to be significant until you get up to around 6″ or so.

Here a dusting is significant and they start issuing school closings if they FORECAST any accumulation.

Anyway, I went down to the beach (Chesapeake Bay, not Atlantic) too see what it looked like. The wind is quite strong, was blowing off the water and was downright brutal.

I tried to stitch together a panorama from the beach, but the wind was too strong so the series of pictures I took was too unstable for my stitching software to do it’s trick. I’ll try to do one manually when I’ve got the time.

And, finally, during the hour or so that I was out, this is the only city plow I saw (there was one government pickup truck with a plow clearing the approaches to the Navy Base gate as well).

This doesn’t surprise me overly considering that snow is not a normal occurrence here.  I will say that traction wasn’t too bad (I did discover that my autolocking hubs aren’t working, I had to lock them manually) because the snow is fresh and there’s no ice underneath so lack of plowing hasn’t been much of a factor yet.

We’ll see what it’s like if we actually get the 12″ they are predicting.

Also, generally when it snows here it’s barely below freezing so, during the day, a layer of slush forms, then at night it freezes solid so morning driving may be tantamount to the ice capades.

I may venture out again later (maybe tomorrow) if we actually do get our foot of snow and get some more pictures.

At any rate, as long as the heat’s on, I love it.  Brings back memories of my childhood winters in Indiana.

And the dogs think it’s pretty cool to play in too.


4 thoughts on “Finally!

  1. Hey Curtis, We missed the snow by about 2 degrees. But I'll bet we had 2 plus inches of rain. It kinda tickles me when somebody ENJOYS getting snow…

    Oh, maybe you're not really enjoying it, but you don't seem to mind too much. Now that I don't have little kids any more (who loved to play in it), I'm always relieved when it's just rain. Nyuk…

    We lived in Durango, CO one year where we got about 120" (Don't quote me, but it was something like that…I know they had 170 at the ski resort just to the north). I shoveled enough that winter to last me a lifetime.

    Enjoy it man.

  2. Sometimes the cold makes my auto hubs stop working. I used to park my truck in 4wd the night before a snow just so I wouldn't get stuck.

    The snow on the beach is awesome! Never seen that before.

  3. We rolled out of Newport News about 5:30 Friday night, on our way to Erie PA. Early afternoon Sat my wife called one of our friends back in NN & heard that they had gotten about 12" & it was still coming down. Strangely enough it was better weather in the frozen North!!!!


  4. Well, we didn't get our 12 inches. Maybe 6, but it's hard to tell because it was so windy. Flat surfaces got swept clean from the wind, which means drifts of 1 to 2 feet formed around obstructions. You have to kind of mentally average it out which leads me to believe somewhere around 6 inches.

    This morning is the worst because it was barely freezing yesterday and sunny, which meant the streets turned to slush as I predicted…also as I predicted, it froze last night so it's very slick out today. Pretty much everything is either delayed or closed today.

    I'm sure I wouldn't enjoy it nearly as much if it were a regular (or even annual) occurrence. The last time I saw anything more than a dusting was about 7 or 8 years ago when we got 8 inches…but that year the temps got into the 40's the next day and the day after that, it was all gone.

    So far, it's been around for two days this time, but won't last much longer. Supposed to be 46 degrees tomorrow and 49 on Wednesday. I'm guessing it will all be gone by tomorrow evening.

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