Gun Haters at the Roanoke Times…

…leave no doubt as to their “objectivity” when it comes to gun rights.

For the first time in years, gun lovers won’t have to fear that hard-won bills will face a governor’s veto pen. Gov.-elect Bob McDonnell is a favorite of the National Rifle Association, and it’s unlikely he’ll disappoint.

I’m not going to fisk the whole thing as I’m sure Phillip will be addressing it in an alert soon, but at least they close on a positive note:

There’s little hope that laws will be tightened where it could do some good, such as the so-called gun-show loophole…

Even if they can’t resist indulging in a little wishful thinking:

…But moderates should work to keep the worst ideas for loosening them from reaching the governor’s desk.

Good luck with that.

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1 thought on “Gun Haters at the Roanoke Times…

  1. #1 – Cancel your subscription immediately.
    #2 – Notify advertisers about your displeasure with the paper's 2A stance, & "vote with your dollars."
    #3 – Pray that you're lucky enough to be around when one of the paper's editorial staff is being robbed/mugged. Refuse to help.

    B Woodman

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