Slow(er) blogging ahead

As if my blogging weren’t already sporadic enough…my wife had her third cervical spine surgery in less than two years (and second in less than six months) on Friday.

I haven’t blogged about it previously because it is a long and sordid story replete with frustrations and bureaucratic nightmares.

Now that it’s safely done, I feel better about talking about it.

The surgery went well and she is home and doing fine, but she’s in a lot of pain and needs a lot of help right now.  Blogging will be even more light than usual for the next few days.

Thanks for your patience.


11 thoughts on “Slow(er) blogging ahead

  1. Curtis, I'm glad the the surgery went well, but hate that it was required. I remember you mentioning your wife's problems before.

    Please give her our love and prayers. And take some it for yourself. I know you'll be a busy camper.

    Best, Andy & Pam Reeves

  2. Speaking from experience as someone who has had Lumbar Fusion, back surgery SUCKS…..
    remind her to not try to recover too fast or she'll set herself back and it will take longer.
    tell her that you love her, and keep her up on her meds.

    good luck, I hope she comes through it well.

  3. On the plus side, if she's in pain her nerves are still working.

    When it comes to spinal surgery don't take anything for granted.

    Here's hoping for a full recovery.

  4. Here's wishing your wife a safe and speedy recovery. That much hospitalization can take it's toll, I know. Don't sweat the blogging – family first. We'll still be here when thongs sort themselves out.

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