A case study in good customer service

As regulars here already know, my wife has been having medical problems that, along with getting laid off from her cushy desk job (just kidding honey), have prevented her from working for quite some time now.

In the process of dealing with this, we cut back on some of the unnecessary expenses that we had been paying.

We have two XM sattelite radios and have been faithful customers for about the past 5 years.

Back in November, we decided that we needed to cancel the subscription and save the subscription fees, however, when I called them and explained what was going on, they were very sympathetic to our plight and offered to continue our service for free for three months.

Well, February rolls around and our financial situation hasn’t changed much so I called them back again and told them again that we needed to cancel our subscription.  They again were very understanding about what is going on and again offered to extend us some free credit to get us past the rough spot.  This time they extended us FIVE months of free service.

They realize that their service is a luxury and, in helping us get past this tough time, they’re increasing the chances of keeping a long-term customer for an even longer term.

I can’t speak highly enough about their philosophy and I can say for certain that it’s working on me.  I’m more determined than ever that, if we can swing it, we will stay a customer of XM radio, even if only to support a business that really knows how to take care of its loyal customers.


4 thoughts on “A case study in good customer service

  1. That's cool. Sounds like a company that understands the importance of taking care of their customers long term, as opposed to just looking out for the immediate buck.

    Its really a no brainer, when you figure it doesn't really cost them anything to extend you the credit for a couple of months while helping ensure that you stay a subscriber when things get better for y'all financially. Makes perfect sense from business standpoint, in addition to just being plain nice.

    Even so, I doubt many other companies would do such a thing for their customers these days.

  2. That is cool, Curtis. It may actually cost them something to do this. I don't know how XM works, but they may have to actually pay a certain amount to each program they carry based on the number of subscribers.

    I don't know…certainly not up to date on Sat. Radio. But, I'm going to file this away in my brain for future reference.

    Hope your wife is progressing in her recovery. We've been remembering her in our prayers.

    Later, Andy

  3. Glad you were able to keep your satellite radio. I have Sirius and really like it. In fact, let's just say I'd have a tough time going back to terrestrial radio. 😉

  4. Very cool. Now I realize the two are the same, but if I were to get satelite radio, which I am considering, I would go with XM for that reason.

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