The Criminal Loophole

While Mayor Bloomberg wastes time and money creating propaganda videos and conducting bogus “sting” operations, New York continues to export criminals, and criminal activity, to other states:

Just after midnight Jan. 19, two burglars broke in through the roof of the gun shop The Armory on Indian River Road in Kempsville, police said. They grabbed 28 handguns worth a total of $14,000 before fleeing, according to a police report.

Shortly after the burglary, an informant told Virginia Beach police that Tehran Townsend Jr., a Bloods gang member from New York connected to firearms theft in North Carolina, may have been involved in the burglary, according to the affidavit. Police arrested Townsend at his residence on a warrant for an unrelated charge. [bold added -ed]

Perhaps the problem with guns flowing into New York from other states could be stopped if New York would do something to stop its criminals from coming down here and victimizing law abiding Virginians and North Carolinians.

In other news, street gangs produce literature now?

The investigation has led police to make one arrest and search the homes of two suspected gang members, where they recovered stolen firearms, ammunition and gang literature, according to a search warrant affidavit and return form filed in Norfolk Circuit Court.

During a subsequent interview, Townsend told investigators that another gang member was also involved in the Armory burglary, the search documents said, and they filed the search warrant affidavit requesting to look for stolen firearms at his residence on Melon Street in Norfolk.

There they recovered gang literature and shotgun shells and ammunition, but no guns, according to a search inventory and return form filed in Norfolk Circuit Court. That person has not been charged, according to court records. [bold added -ed]

So what does “gang literature” consist of these days, The Collected Works of Cordozar Calvin Broadus? Or do they have recruiting brochures printed up at Kinkos?

I wonder if their “The benefits of gang membership” pamphlet describes the discounted rates for recreational drugs that they’ll get, or group health coverage for gunshots and stab wounds (provided, of course, by the third year med school dropout who’s now a veterinary assistant)?

Would such a brochure have a membership application on the back flap with sections to list all your “homies” and all the “m*****f*****s you done shanked”?

Surely someone out there who’s more artistic and imaginative than me can come up with a satirical example of what “gang literature” must look like.


2 thoughts on “The Criminal Loophole

  1. Gang literature has got to be better written than the crap I got from the Navy recruiter. If I hadn't already made up my mind to join, it would have scared me off but good.

  2. States and/or cities that have rampant crime rates are always the ones who give violent scumbags multiple chances in life. The justice system in Bloomberg's AO is a perfect example.

    I don't recall the name off the top of my head, but I've read several studies that conclude that around 75% or more of convicted murderers have at least four felony arrests; and that it's unkown how many the other 25% have because their juvenile records are sealed.

    While this case isn't about murder, I would bet that the gangbangers in this particular case have lots and lots of arrests. Releasing these guys back into the wild makes things bad here too.

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