Enjoying the Snow

A “viewer video” from hamptonroads.tv of a family enjoying the recent snow in an interesting way.

The blue tub, if you’re wondering, is an old recycle bin. That used to be all we had for delivering recyclable materials for pickup several years ago. Now we have blue trash dumpster sized bins that are picked up every other week.

I still have my old bin as well, I keep it in the kitchen and use it to collect recyclables in the house before taking them out and putting them in the dumpster.

I’ve never used mine as a dogsled.


4 thoughts on “Enjoying the Snow

  1. HA! That's cute. Curtis, we lived in the Durango, CO area for several years. The year we moved there we rented a second floor apartment in a house that was pretty high on a hill. The first winter, it was one of those "100-year-snowfall years."

    The snow piled up all the way to the windows on the 2nd floor. We had a 12 & 10 year-old that took advantage. I caught them one afternoon sliding out of the living room window on a snow tube…hit the snow, and careened about 1/4 mile all the way to the high school football field.

    Fun memories. Snow is cool (when you're a kid).

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