I wonder if this is an Example of one of the VPCs…

…”incidents” involving an “assault weapon” and the police:

Too hard to excerpt so I’ll just summarize:

A man was evicted from his home for unpaid property taxes.  During the eviction, the Sheriff found a handgun and “more than 200 bullets”, as well as a “Norinco .556 mm rifle with a collapsible stock, pistol grip, bayonet and three empty banana clips…No bullets were found for the rifle…”

[Alternate post title:  “LAYERS of editorial oversight”]

Well, it’s no wonder he didn’t have any “bullets” for the rifle.  I’ve never seen .556 mm ammunition anywhere.  That would be .022 caliber in US measure.   I wonder how you would clean a bore that’s only 22 thousandths of an inch in diameter…dental floss?

Gives mouse gun a whole new meaning doesn’t it?  Maybe this was a mosquito gun?

Not too long ago a news outlet was reporting on a 5.7 caliber handgun, now they’ve discovered a .022 caliber rifle.  What’ll they think of next?

But I digress.  What we have here is a gun owner who harmed no one, even in the face of being evicted from his own home…turned into a criminal for no other reason than because he owned an object declared vorboten by those who deem themselves his betters.

That’s what laws regulating the aesthetic characteristics of firearms do:  they have no impact on crime whatsoever, unless you count arbitrarily turning otherwise law abiding citizens into instant criminals, regardless of any criminal intent, as “impacting crime”.

And then the VPC gets to tout the story as an “incident” involving law enforcement and “assault weapons”.

BTW and  completely off topic: The guy was evicted from his home for owing $110,000 of back taxes.

He bought his house 20 years ago for $785,000 and owned it outright.  The city now assesses its value at over 4 million dollars.

So, basically, he’s being taxed on what his neighbors paid for their homes…or what the city says someone else would be willing to pay for it…not what he could afford to pay or actually paid for the property. And the seizure occurred in 2008, right in the heart of the real estate meltdown.  How much do you wanna bet that the city was still charging him taxes for the value of his property BEFORE the collapse?  Many citizens had to sue or threaten to sue their localities to get them to adjust the property assessments shortly after the crash.

At any rate, I’d be pretty upset about it too.  I’d say the Sheriff is lucky that the guy couldn’t find any “bullets” for his mosquito gun.

So the guy owes $110,000 in back taxes (less than two year’s worth, by the way) on a property that he paid $785,000 for, but the city says is worth over $4 million;  the city seizes the property and auctions it off.  What do they get for it at auction?  $725,000.


“The moment the idea is admitted into society that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence.”
–John Adams


2 thoughts on “I wonder if this is an Example of one of the VPCs…

  1. "the Sheriff found a handgun and "more than 200 bullets"


    I made up 200 rounds of 45 last night with Lee turret press and weighed each charge on a balance.

    Every now and again I start to feel bad about not having a progressive setup, then I read news reports like this. 😛

  2. "and served with a Norwalk police warrant charging him will owning an assault weapon"

    as opposed to "charging him with owning". They can't even get the grammatical stuff right.

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