Time Lapse video of DC snowfall

A buddy of mine sent me this a week or so ago but I just now got around to looking at it.

Pretty neat stuff.  The thing that really struck me was the bushes and trees being weighed down by the snow.  Something you probably wouldn’t even notice when watching at normal speed.


1 thought on “Time Lapse video of DC snowfall

  1. Curtis, that is cool. I liked the way it piled up in the foreground on the video. It's pretty to look at…but miserable to live in.

    One of my girl cousins lives in Maryland. Her husband has a bad back, and couldn't keep up with the snow falling last week.

    The roof over their porch collapsed from the weight. Evidently, it was a really "wet" snow.

    Sigh. Bad backs will cost ya'…

    We only had a smidgen down here in Louisiana, and it was gone by the next afternoon. Evidently you and yours fared well. Hope Mrs. Curtis is progressing well. Later!

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