Well, it’s snowing again.

Of course, the temps been high enough that it’s been raining since yesterday and it just got cold enough to turn it into snow.

That means that the ground’s still too warm for it to stick, but I imagine it will start sticking in a few hours.

The roads tomorrow morning are going to be a nightmare.

It’s been so wet for the past few days that after it dips below freezing tonight, tomorrow morning the roads are going to be a solid sheet of ice.

Of course, they’ll sand and salt the highways, but we just don’t have the equipment to do the local roads in a timely manner.

Also, there’s no telling if we even have any sand or salt left in the stocks after the last little storm we had just a week ago.

It’s going to be interesting in the morning.  Maybe not as interesting as up north where they’re expecting several FEET of snow (and virtually the same problems with snow removal capacity that we have down here), but interesting nonetheless.


2 thoughts on “Well, it’s snowing again.

  1. We ended up with about six inches. The first part was wet and fun for the kids. This morning the fun stuff was covered by drifting powder. No fun. I'm also pretty sure most if them didn't think shoveling the drive was fun either, but we got it done in time for the sun to melt it dry. Nice. Now its just cold for another couple weeks or so. Then we'll be into the muddy season. Remember that?

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